How to Design & Organize Your Dream Closet

How to Design & Organize Your Dream Closet
by John Carlucci - September 16, 2022

Want to construct a stylish personalized closet? Why not convert a spare bedroom, bonus room, or den into your fantasy dressing room? Check out these walk-in closet design and organization suggestions to begin creating the bespoke closet of your dreams.

Choose Your Color Scheme

First things first: before you begin installing shelves, you need to decide what color you're going to paint your new closet. Because of their ability to reflect light and make a space feel more open, white and beige are the colors of choice for the majority of walk-in closet designs. However, if you want to inject a dash of color into the space, you might want to consider having a bubblegum pink closet or a sunny yellow wardrobe room installed.

Install Closet Doors That Make a Statement

A custom-made beautiful closet just isn't going to have the same vibe as an old-fashioned door. Choose an entryway feature—whether it be traditional French doors, contemporary glass doors, a sliding barn door from another era, or motorized doors that open with the push of a button—that inspires you to get dressed on a daily basis and brings a smile to your face.

Pick Out Unique Carpet

The addition of carpet is a great way to liven up your dressing room! Your possibilities for closet carpets are virtually limitless thanks to the availability of unique designs, such as florals, animal prints, and geometric patterns. Or, even better, choose the comfortable route by installing a plush shag carpet. It will make the entirety of your closet appear and feel like a gigantic slipper.

Go for Glossy Tile

You don't like carpets, do you? Using a glossy tile will give the impression that you are shopping in a department store rather than in your own walk-in closet. This alternative will not only make your wardrobe area appear fresh and modern, but it will also be much simpler to maintain.

Opt for Wood Floors

In comparison to carpet or tile, wooden floors lend an air of executive sophistication to your ideal walk-in closet. You have the option of going for a smooth, polished finish or going for a distressed, rustic appearance, depending on the sort of wood that you select. This choice is also a good one if you intend to design separate closets for him and her.

Build Racks & Shelves

The number of garment racks and shelves required in your walk-in closet will be determined by the amount of clothing that you have. For instance, if you have more shoes than clothes, you will most likely need additional shoe racks in your home. When designing your shelving, be sure to include a range of different heights, lengths, and widths. This will allow you to store a wide variety of items, from long coats and maxi dresses to shoes and handbags.

Install Plenty of Lighting

Even while having natural light come in from windows or a skylight in your custom closet is preferable, you will still want to make sure that you have additional sources of light. Your room can be made brighter with a combination of shelf backlighting, lamps, and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

Don’t Forget About Mirrors

At the absolute least, your ideal walk-in closet should be equipped with a full-length mirror so that you can get a good look at your ensemble from head to toe. However, why should we stop there? Include mirrors behind, to the side, or strategically placed all across the space. This creates the illusion that the room is larger, and it allows you to see your clothes from every angle.

Use Ladders for Tall Shelves

It is a good idea to have a sliding or prop-up ladder, particularly for closets that have racks and shelves that go all the way from the ceiling to the floor. You won't have to strain your back to get to those handbags and hats that are stored up high this way!

Add a Center Island 

Islands are a must-have for any walk-in closet worthy of a dream! Not only do they offer additional storage space, but they are also an excellent location to store accessories such as purses, jewelry, or sunglasses that need to be easily accessible when you are in a hurry to leave the house.

Include a Makeup and Hair Styling Station

You don't want to keep going into your restroom and then back into your closet, do you? Make your walk-in closet into a hair and beauty station by moving everything in there! You only require a vanity table, a comfortable chair, a mirror, and adequate lighting to complete the set.

Glam Up Your Space

A cushy chair, ottoman, or chaise lounge can be a useful addition to a custom closet since they provide seating for when you need it most, such as when you are putting on your shoes or when you are contemplating what you will wear that day.

Dress Your Dome In Glamour

Think about your favorite clothing stores and how the interior design of such stores influences your sense of style when you are trying to come up with ideas for the design of your dream closet. Your dressing room may benefit from the addition of unique décors like vintage serving trays, vases with fresh flowers, coffee table novels devoted to fashion, and odd wall art.

Include a Workplace in the Home

Do you have a fashion blog or a business on Etsy where you sell the clothes and accessories that you design? You always have the option of combining your fantasy walk-in closet with your dream home office by putting a desk, chair, and computer in the spare room of your house.

Put Your Clothes in Order Based on Color

Organizing one's clothing and accessories in their closet according to color is one method of doing so. This technique is not only more aesthetically pleasing for people who have colorful wardrobes, but it also makes it simpler to find certain pieces, such as your favorite little black dress, the red pumps you like to wear when you go out, and other similar items.

Invest In Some Wooden Hangers For Your Wardrobe

Despite the fact that wire hangers and plastic hangers are less expensive options, you should splurge on wooden hangers in order to create your ideal wardrobe. Your closet space can look more uniform if you use wooden hangers, and your garments will stay wrinkle-free as a result.

Display Your Shoe or Bag Collection

When you're constructing your dream closet, it's crucial to remember that your accessories are some of the nicest décors you have, so you shouldn't tuck them away. Give your dressing room a splash of color by placing some of your favorite handbags, shoes, or jewelry on shelves that are more prominently displayed.

Store Large Accessories in Bins

Invest in some wire bins as an alternative means of storage for your wardrobe if you're having trouble maintaining order on your shelves with accessories like hats, handbags, and clutches. When you use wire bins, it will be simple to discover the items you need on tall shelves because you will be able to see everything that is stored in them.

Use Slide-Out Shelves for Hidden Storage

Do you require covert storage in your bespoke closet? When you store your purses, hats, scarves, and other large accessories on shelves that have in-and-out sliding cabinets, you can conserve room and hide some of your clutter at the same time.

Use Drawer Dividers with Small Accessories

Make sure that you make use of drawer dividers if you plan on keeping smaller accessories like jewelry, watches, belts, and sunglasses in drawers. This guarantees that nothing gets disorganized and protects your belongings from being harmed or knotted in any way.

Organize Your Items with Labels

Labels are an easy and effective closet organization solution that you can implement into your personalized dressing room! You can make it simpler to discover the things you're looking for in your closet by labeling or tagging the bins, baskets, and dividers that you use.

Keep Your Closet Free of Clutter

The purpose of devoting a whole room to your wardrobe is to provide additional space and options for organizing; therefore, you should always keep your walk-in closet clean. Devoting an entire room to your wardrobe is a great idea. Don't just throw your clothes and accessories on the floor or the island like it's nothing. If you always make sure everything is where it should be, getting ready won't be such a stressful experience for you.

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