7 Common Signs That Your Home Needs Pest Control 

7 Common Signs That Your Home Needs Pest Control 
by Tamara Rein - September 13, 2022

Maintaining your home and taking care of your property has more benefits than the obvious. For starters, it makes sure that your home remains a high-value resource that can be sold without any hassles when the time comes. However, there are several incidents of homeowners not receiving the value they imagined, despite the real estate market doing well. One of the problems that lead to this effect is your home not being in the top-shelf condition to fetch such a high market value. When you bring in home evaluation experts to put your property on the market, finding a trace of pests can cause a significant drop in the value. Hence, it is essential that you take care of these pesky troublemakers before they become a nuisance. Here are 7 signs that your home needs a pest control operation immediately.

  1. Insect or rodent droppings on the property: A sure-shot sign of pests present on your property is finding traces of their droppings. These can be clustered in specific areas of the home, making it quite obvious. Areas such as the attic, basement, bathroom, yard, or barn are common places to find pest droppings. However, if you have open water sources or leaky taps, you may find rodent droppings nearby. The first thing to do in this case is to understand what kind of pest the dropping belongs to, and if you cannot determine it, let the experts do their job. Book an immediate appointment to have a pest control session that can take care of all these elements.
  1. Your pets are getting itchy and sick: Another detriment of having pests around is the harm they can cause to our furry friends. Dogs, cats, cattle, and horses are quite prone to getting itchy since they spend a lot of time outdoors. If your property has pests in the garden or closed spaces, these mites can cause reactions on their skin, leading to contact dermatitis, tick-borne diseases, and other issues. Also, droppings around your pet's water resources can make them very ill. If you sense that your pets have been scratching a bit too much, have flaky fur, and show ticks on their skin, check for pests. 
  1. You’re having strange allergic reactions: Just like our beloved pets, even humans can fall prey to pest infestations. One of the easiest signs to find is a sudden rash or allergic reaction. It could be your lungs that get affected, your skin, or your hair and digestion. If you find any powdery residues or bed linen that make your skin itch uncontrollably, get your home tested by Terminix pest control with 24/7 support to take immediate action. If left unchecked, these allergies can take a lot of time to heal.
  1. The wooden furniture has some residue: Your wooden frames, bed, furniture, barn, shed, and other fixtures can give you the earliest signs of a pest problem. If you know where to look, you will be able to take the appropriate steps to prevent any further damage. If you check the beams and woodwork of your house, any holes, corrosions, decay, and powdery residues may be treated as a sign of pests. If you find the residue regularly collecting despite cleaning, get the pest control team at your residence.
  1. You see red-brown trails on the flooring: Cockroaches are hard to find on your property because they are excellent at hiding. However, one of the easiest signs they leave behind is track marks. Often found on kitchen tiles and bathroom flooring, these red-brown marks look like little lines but actually denote the presence of the most resilient pests of all time. Once you establish these track marks, it’s time to jump into action because they reproduce rather quickly.
  1. You see insect hatchlings near water sources: Water sources left unattended, such as trenches, thoughts, ponds, bird baths, and fountains, can be one of the best places for pests like mosquitoes and flies to breed. It is imperative that you keep these areas super clean and have them pest controlled so that no contamination occurs.
  1. Strange noises in your attic or basement: If you’ve been hearing scratchy noises inside your walls, the basement, or the attic, you need to take a deep scan of these areas. Raccoons and rats are known to make their way inside small areas and destroy properties from the inside. It is best to get your home checked regularly to stay on the safer side.

Final Word

As mentioned above, the seven signs discussed are the easiest ways to find out the presence of pests in your residence. If you can spot none of the above, congratulations! Your home is pest-free and well looked after. However, finding even one sign requires actionable steps to mitigate the issue with the help of certified experts.


  • Tamara has worked with multiple start-ups as well as e-commerce websites, focusing mainly on welcoming and helping nurture new businesses in the market.

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