Choosing the Right Curtain Track to Help Sell a Home

Choosing the Right Curtain Track to Help Sell a Home
by Olivia Elsher - February 28, 2023

Are you thinking about sprucing up your home to prep it for sale? If so, you’re probably trying to come up with ideas for window dressings that will make it more appealing to potential buyers. One of the best ways to update your home’s windows is to install new curtain track systems.

Why a curtain track system? The advantage of using a curtain track system – as opposed to a standard curtain rod setup – is that you can create symmetrical curtains and organize those curtain rods into a more functional design.

Before you commit to buying a curtain track system, there are a few things you should know about them. Let’s go over what a curtain track system is and how much variety and versatility it offers for a home that is being prepped for sale.

What is a curtain track system, and why does it matter?

A curtain track system is, quite simply put, a set of rails and tracks that can be attached to either the ceiling or wall. It is there to hold your curtains securely in place. You can get different types of curtain tracks with their own functional purposes.

Sometimes called traverse rods, these tracks blend into the wall or can be hidden behind a valance or pelmet. You can get the internal tracking mechanism corded, uncorded, or motorized.

Versatility of Design

A single-piece aluminum track is most common. It has clips on each end that hold the curtains in place. You can find tracks designed for bay windows or curved windows, not to mention others that hold curtains in place with fabric loops or rings on a rod instead of a track.

There are different track types to choose from. There are tracks that can be fitted inside the window frame’s topmost area, fixed above a window, or installed as a curtain rod-like rod track.

Different Material Options

Materials can vary from plastic to metal, with highly durable aluminum serving as a strong middle-ground between the two. What you get will depend on your budget, but it should also depend on the weight of the curtains you’ll be putting up. A motorized track is best left for long or heavy curtains while lightweight curtains work just fine on a curtain rod or curtain track.


As mentioned above, prices will vary depending on the type of curtain track system you buy. The plastic models are the most affordable, but they do not typically last as long as the aluminum or metal options. Metal curtain tracks are the most expensive, but they offer years of durability.

Of course, aluminum curtain tracks are the middle ground. They are reasonably priced and are made from high-quality material that holds up well over time. If you are on a budget with just a little bit of wiggle room, consider going for the aluminum tracks.

Finding the Right Style

How are you supposed to know which style is going to work best for your windows? If you have taller, bigger windows, curtain tracks are optimal. This is due to the fact that they offer motorized options and pulleys that make it exponentially easier to open and close massive curtains.

If you have a bay window or curved window that needs coverage, there are bent curtain tracks available that can be placed inside the top windowsill or just above it. What’s more, if you’re going to put up blackout curtains in a bedroom, curtain track systems can be installed in the window recess to ensure that the curtains block out light entirely.

As you start to work on selling your home with the help of a skilled realtor, think about making some changes to the windows that will appeal to buyers. You do not need to spend a small fortune to get your windows jazzed up; you just need the right curtain track setup to catch the eye.

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