How to Sell a Home with a Realtor in Ontario

How to Sell a Home with a Realtor in Ontario
by John Carlucci - October 24, 2022,

Are you currently located in Ontario and are looking to sell your home?  Are you overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin?  Selling a home may sound like a complicated process; however, the aid of a realtor can make everything run a lot more smoothly.

What is a Realtor? defines a real estate agent as a member of the local real estate board and of the provincial real estate association in the realtor’s province.  They are also required to become a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association and must follow a set of strict moral codes.  Once someone becomes a realtor they are expected to:

  • Be committed to the realtor code
  • Actively update their education through workshops, courses, and other professional development means
  • Maintain a high level of current knowledge about real estate and be able to get you the information that you need
  • They must be able to collaborate with others in the industry, such as, associate and board members

Selling a home is serious business, which is why you should consider getting the aid of a realtor whether you’re buying a new home, looking for land for sale online, or any other property investment.  But what exactly does a realtor do for you in terms of selling your home?

What Does a Realtor Do?

When it comes to selling your home, a realtor should:

  • Set up appointments with potential buyers
  • List your home up on the appropriate website for potential buyers to view
  • Research sale prices of land for sale online or any other properties you may be interested in
  • Schedule home inspections and appraisals, so that you know what your home or land is worth and so that it can look its absolute best on viewing day
  • Complete paperwork for offers and purchasing agreements
  • Send information to the lender for the mortgage

Now, that you have a better idea of what a realtor is and what they do, let’s take a look at how to go about utilizing them in Ontario.  

Seller’s Agreement

Once you’ve found your realtor match, it’s time to sign the seller’s agreement.  A seller’s agreement is a document that details the conditions of the arrangement between you and your realtor.  Your realtor should be able to talk you through the agreement which will include important information such as:

  • Their commission rates
  • What the realtor should be doing in order to properly sell the property
  • Any other relevant details

Prepare Your Home with “Curb Appeal”

Make sure that your home has “curb appeal.” That just means that the outside of the home appears sellable, but don’t neglect the inside either.  Both aspects of the home must be up to code if you want a sale to happen.  

This is where a home inspection will come into play.  It is crucial that your home pass an inspection, otherwise you might be unable to sell it, or you may have to settle for a conditional home sale.  Some sellers may be wary of conditional home sales, since a buyer can back out of them if certain conditions are not met.

List Your Home Online

As mentioned before when talking about what a realtor does, one avenue that a realtor uses to get your house noticed is listing your house or land for sale online.  This will significantly increase the number of eyes on your listing.  However, this won’t be the only resource your realtor will use to sell your house.

Consider the Offers

At this point, your house in Ontario has been up for sale for a while and you are starting to get offers.  More than likely, potential buyers aren’t making offers that start at your asking price.  House hunting involves some haggling.  Therefore, it is a good idea to take advice from your realtor at this stage.  They will take your legal fees and additional expenses into consideration.

Once you’ve accepted the right offer, the ending stages will happen faster than you think.  This part of the process is paperwork heavy.   If there’s something in there that you don’t understand, your realtor should be more than qualified to explain it to you in a simpler manner.  

Author bio- Brandon Mickens has been involved with buying and selling land for the past 15 years and now wants to share his knowledge and experience with others.

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