You Get a House! Georgia Home Built for Oprah Finds a Buyer

March 1, 2023

Oprah is not in the house.

Some homebuyers connected to Georgia’s booming film industry will be moving into a home Ms. Winfrey began building but never completed.

An offer is pending on the very large, unfinished mansion in Conyers, GA. The list price was $3.5 million.

“When you’re in the house, you feel so microscopic,” says listing agent Ashley Cook, with Maximum One Realtor Partners. “You’re just like, ‘Whoa.’ I’m so excited to see it done.”

Cook says the 18,189-square-foot, three-story, five-bedroom, five-bath home was originally designed for the media mogul in 2019.

“She changed her mind, so [the builder/owner] decided to do some modifications and put it on the market to sell it,” Cook explains.

Exterior of the home initially built for Oprah




Living area


It’s unclear why the billionaire businesswoman decided not to go through with the deal. She does have an extensive real estate portfolio around the country.

The property has seen two separate construction efforts over the years.

The first time was in 2006, when a project was halted. This prompted the builder, who is also the owner, to “tear it down to build it back up,” Cook says.

This time around, the home’s construction is finally nearing the finish line.

“There’s a kitchen that needs countertops and appliances, and the whole back deck needs to be completed,” Cook notes. “The people who started this project basically ran out of money to fund it. So here we are, on the market and waiting for someone to buy it.”

But the wait shouldn’t last long: The house is in pending sale status, according to®.





The two-story, main bedroom has its own wing. And when the back deck is finished, it will be remarkable, Cook promises.

“Wherever you are on the back of the house, you will have access to the deck,” she says. “Whether you’re in the bathroom, in the bedroom, or you’re downstairs, you’ll have access.”

Adjacent property

At one time, the home was listed, along with another unfinished property nearby. The same builder owns both homes, but Cook decided to split the listing. An offer is also pending on that adjacent, 16,535-square-foot house, listed at $1,950,000.

Adjacent, unfinished home will be used for a movie studio.


Cook says selling the unfinished homes has been a unique challenge.

“You have to sell your clients on the vision and what it could be,” she says, adding that the price point for Oprah’s former would-be home is based on it being nearly finished.

Both houses will soon be part of Atlanta’s thriving film industry.

And the home with the Oprah connection? It will be housing for movie stars.

“An investor came in, and they’re going to rent this out to a celebrity when they come and film,” Cook says.

The space could rent for roughly $20,000 a month.

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