Why Green Development Is The Way To Go For Healthcare Real Estate

Why Green Development Is The Way To Go For Healthcare Real Estate
by Tamara Rein - June 14, 2022

The real estate domain has come a long way, with sustainable development emerging as a dominant trend. Not surprisingly, the trend is big in both residential and commercial segments. It is even more critical in healthcare real estate because the segment entails additional responsibility toward the environment. Although the mindset has been around for some time, it is never too late for healthcare businesses to join the green bandwagon.

As a land developer in this segment, you need to understand what going green is all about and how it can benefit your clients. But reducing your carbon footprint and focusing on sustainable practices requires relentless commitment. You must definitely have valid reasons to adopt the change. Let us explain why sustainable development is the way to go for land developers in the healthcare real estate domain.

Boost Your Income Potential

Undeniably, real estate entails massive investment, and projects can be risky if you do not find buyers. Opting for sustainable development lowers the risk of dead investment and boosts your income potential. Moreover, you can demand a premium because green buildings tend to sell faster and fetch higher value than their non-sustainable counterparts in the long run.

With hospitals and healthcare organizations being more eco-conscious than ever, the demand for a green estate in the industry is high. They are willing to pay more because they can save significantly on their energy bills down the line. Moreover, the resale value of these properties is high. Green construction sets up your business for success, so you must adopt it sooner than later.

Future-Proof Your Business

Besides increasing revenues and making development projects more lucrative, eco-consciousness can future-proof your business. Authorities and governments are getting proactive in cutting the use of limited natural resources. As a part of the initiative, they impose several regulations and guidelines on land development projects. For example, developers have to assess the National Wetland Inventory to ensure compliance with the state and federal laws that protect wetlands and waterways.

Building over protected features can land your business in trouble due to penalties and recovery costs. It may even completely derail a project. Green development keeps you a step ahead of the rules and regulatory compliance and secures your projects and businesses from problems. Moreover, healthcare organizations go the extra mile to check compliance before sealing their deals because they do not want to get into trouble by establishing in the wrong locations.

Do Your Bit For The Environment

The benefits of going green extend beyond the saleability and profitability of projects. It enables you to do your bit for the environment by staying on pace with the sustainability trend. The best part is that the impact lasts for years to come. Using eco-friendly construction materials, limiting waste, and recycling reduce the carbon footprint during the construction phase. Complying with the environmental laws also supports sustainability as you steer clear of unethical practices.

Moreover, green buildings are lasting assets for healthcare organizations as they consume less energy and have a lower environmental impact in the long haul. Green construction is the best contribution your business can make to your clients, the community, and the world. Not to mention, hospitals and providers will stick with your real estate company once you develop a reputation for being sustainable.

Going green is the best decision for a healthcare real estate developer as it delivers financial, social, and environmental benefits. Embracing sustainable development is easy, so you need not do much to make it a part of your business. Follow the right practices, and reap the benefits now and forever.

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