What’s The Cheapest Way To Move Your Stuff Long Distance?

What’s The Cheapest Way To Move Your Stuff Long Distance?
by John Carlucci - March 27, 2022

With the average cost of moving long distances and using professional movers being pretty costly, looking for the best options to suit your needs can be a bit stressful. Or After spending a lot of money buying a house, everybody wants to spend less on moving. However, there are plenty of options for long-distance moves that are cheap and can complement any budget. Though moving expenses are inevitable, especially for long-distance transportation, there are ways to cut down the costs.

Here Are Some Of The Cheapest Ways To Move Your Stuff Long Distance:

Research About The Place You’re Moving To 

Most of the time, unexpected expenses pop up because people know little to nothing about the place they’re moving in. You have to go beyond knowing the address of the house, the establishments nearby, and what the place is famous for. 

If you are relocating to Hamilton, make sure you have gathered all the necessary information about it. Moving to a new place and settling there can be tiresome so don’t hesitate to take expert help who can support and assist you in the best ways. They can help you get your own home at the prime destination in Canada.

Search about the date and time that you can move efficiently to your new home. What time of the day has the least traffic from where you're coming from to your destination? When do the winter season, spring, or summer happen? Take time to know about these things so the moving of your stuff will go smoothly.

When moving from one state to another or one country to another, cargos are inspected. Make sure you know what is allowed and not allowed to transport in the place you're moving to. Canada has some unusual things they don’t allow to get transported in their state. 

Pay attention to the taxes and fees needed to be paid during the moving of your stuff. This is to avoid unexpected fees later on and also to avoid paying taxes on both states when you just have to pay for one.

Plan And Prepare 

After knowing the things to consider before moving, plan how the moving process is going to be.

In long-distance moving, most people travel by air while their stuff travels by freights, whether by sea or air.

Skyscanner suggests that you buy tickets seven weeks in advance for short-haul flights and 18 weeks for long-haul flights. They also recommend Sundays as the best day to book tickets while the worst day is Wednesday.

After arriving at the new house, do some cleaning and get the things needed in unloading ready. Since you are arriving ahead of your belongings, you can do the necessary preparations before your stuff arrives.

Decide what medium or service you want your stuff to be moved to and compare the costs. Look for a service that will be more appropriate to your situation and can save you money. Don’t be afraid to ask for quotations from different moving service companies. You have the right to check and weigh things out because you are transporting your valuables and spending money.

Sea Freight vs. Air Freight: For Overseas Transportation

For long-distance moving coming from across the sea, stuff is being moved usually by sea or air.

Most shipping companies recommend that your stuff be shipped through Sea Freight as it is cheaper than air freight and is the most used mode of transportation. Currently, Sea transport carries more than 80 percent of the global trade volume. You can go here to learn the benefits of ocean freight for moving your stuff across the seas.

You have two options for the size of the container in which your cargo will be put. Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL). The latter is for small volumes and is shared by other customers. FCL is for large volumes of cargo and is owned by a single customer. It is recommended to choose FCL for cargo equal to or exceeding 15 cubic meters because LCL is 2 to 3 times more expensive than FCL because shipment has to be put together in a warehouse first and then unloaded to the destination port. This consumes additional labor, manpower, and time, which leads to higher costs.

Airfreight takes 2 to 3 days to deliver goods while sea transport takes 1 to 2 weeks. This makes Air freight good for time-sensitive items such as documents, and fresh foods. But the speed of air freight also comes with a high price. Though a lot faster than sea freight, it is a lot more expensive. Airfreight costs 4 to 5 times more than road transport and about 12 to 16 times more than sea transport.

Transporting cargo via air freight ranges from $1.5 to $4.5 per kilogram and a typical cargo exceeds 4 dollars per kilogram.

Also, air freight fees are proportional to the weight and destination of the cargo. It is because the aircraft's weight and distance flew directly affect the plane’s fuel consumption.

Moving Containers Vs. Rental Trucks Vs. Full-Service Movers: For Local Transportation

Three of the most popular moving options in Canada are renting moving containers, rental trucks, and full-service movers. Let's start with the most expensive one, hiring full-service movers. Full-service movers are expensive because they offer security, safety, and all the other services needed to be done to move your stuff. You basically don’t need to do anything but wait for your stuff to be uploaded to your new house. It is definitely not the cheapest way, but it is less stressful and suitable for people who don’t have anyone to help them during their move. 

Rental trucks are cheap and best for moving locally. The estimated cost for a rental truck is $730. Take note that this option is best for do-it-yourself moving because you're basically just renting a truck and you do all the other move-related activities. Unless you hire some family members or random people, which will cost you more, you have to do the driving, loading, and unloading all by yourself. 

Sell The Stuff You Won't Be Needing Anymore. 

Declutter your belongings. Give away or sell things that will not be useful for you any longer. This will not only cut the weight and volume of your cargo but will also make room for other things you might want to buy for your new home. 

Ask For Help From Family Members Or Friends. 

If you happen to have friends or family members who have a truck or other vehicles that can be useful for moving, you try to ask them. Friends and family will give you the best bargain for truck rents most of the time. Some may even offer it for free. 

You can also ask them for the loading and unloading of your stuff, and feed them good food as your gratitude will be enough. Most of the time, they will even be happy to know that they are able to help you. 

There are many different ways to cut down the costs of moving your stuff. Everything boils down to your judgment and your preparations. The ultimate goal is to be able to move things that you value with as little stress and hassle as possible so that you can have a good time and enjoy your new home.

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