What To Expect When You're A Pregnant Bride

What To Expect When You're A Pregnant Bride
by John Carlucci - June 29, 2022

Congratulations! You’re a bride-to-be and a mother-to-be, what an equally exciting and overwhelming time. 

The biggest thing you can expect as a pregnant bride is for things to be busy. You’re growing a human and planning a wedding, both momentous occasions to undertake simultaneously.

If you are planning the wedding…


When will be the best time to get married? 

Only you can answer this as it is your big day, but there are some considerations to think about. 

Do you want to get married before you have your baby? 

Some couples, when planning a wedding, decide to make their wedding sooner rather than later once they find out they’re expecting. While this can work for some, it might not work for all. 

A key factor is how far along are you in your pregnancy? 

Morning sickness should be a consideration when planning a wedding because depending on where you are in your pregnancy journey you will be more prone to morning sickness, and sickness in general. You should be feeling as best you can when you get married, and you don’t want vomit to ruin your happy day. 

Consider planning your wedding for around the 16-week mark or second trimester, as you might not be showing as much then and the morning sickness should have subsided significantly. 

Do you want to wait until after the birth of your child to get married? 

Some women want to focus on one thing at a time, and putting energy into wedding planning and taking care of yourself while pregnant can be a feat. 

If you think prolonging your engagement would be the best, consider planning the wedding for after your baby is born. Being a bride should be an experience you can fully enjoy because hopefully it only happens once! 

Some new parents choose to wait until their baby is a toddler to get married, and it is all a part of personal preference. Do you want your child to be an active part of the ceremony, like a flower girl or ring bearer? Or do you have a family member who could take care of your little one while you are saying “I Do” and for the continued celebrations? 

Sometimes having a wedding with a freshly newborn child means your wedding might be a little different from expected, with concessions made for your bub. It probably wouldn’t be best to get married while your body is still undergoing its natural changes, like lactation and fatigue. If you are prepared for these mishaps to interfere with your wardrobe and event, then power to you! If you want the confidence knowing that your body won’t take a turn on you, then maybe consider waiting until your baby is at least a year old before you get married.


Consider the style of your wedding attire. Do you want your bump showing, or would you rather conceal it? Think about flattering shapes and silhouettes for your bump, including a larger bouquet to cover your stomach if you would prefer not to have it on show. 

Your wedding photographers can work with different angles and lighting to make it the most flattering photo shoot possible, communicate your ideas to them and they can do their best to accommodate. 

If your wedding is already planned…

Date & Venue

Wedding planning is a marathon task, so congratulations on already planning your big day! The hard part is out of the way and you can spend this time mostly focusing on your pregnancy, with a few concessions for bumps in the road due to your little bump. 

Are you reconsidering the date of your wedding? You’re not alone, many pregnant brides change their wedding date after finding out they’re pregnant. 

However, this could be more trouble than it’s worth depending on what you already have organized. If you have put a small deposit down and not made many plans, you could be in a position to potentially change your date for later - but as always it is a risk to take.

If everything is booked and ready to go, not only will significant costs be involved in rescheduling, but your guests, dream venue, and catering might not be able to make the new date. 

We would only recommend taking these risks and changing the date of your wedding day is extremely close to your due date. In this instance, it probably is for the best to postpone until a later date - because you don’t want to run the risk of being in labor before or during your ceremony and celebrations! 

As well as these factors, the later you are in your pregnancy the more fatigued and run down you will be, and you probably won’t have the energy needed to enjoy your day to the fullest compared to if you were in your regular state. 

Dress & Style

The biggest dilemma you will probably face is what to do about your wedding dress. Being pregnant is unpredictable, some people’s bodies grow more than others, and at different times too! 

Contact your bridal dress provider and see what your options are. If you have a dress ready to go, see if it can be altered to make room for your upcoming bump. Depending on the type of dress, you may need to return it for a different size rather than altering it. 

If you haven’t got a dress yet, work with a designer who can provide your dream dress in your correct size for the day. You can update them a few weeks in advance and let them know how you are going for sizing, and they can hopefully anticipate what size you will need come the wedding day. 

A good thing to note is if you have not chosen your dress yet, or you are able to exchange your current dress for a new one, consider the style. Being comfortable is so important when you’re pregnant, and tight and constricting wedding dresses can be an issue - causing overheating, dizziness, chafing, and cramps. 

When pregnant, it is common for hands and feet to swell. Your engagement ring might no longer fit, and your planned wedding ring might not be big enough. Don’t fret! You should have your rings made for your normal size, or see about a custom-made ring by a jeweler who has the skills to resize your pieces. 

As mentioned before, think about a larger bouquet of flowers if you want to hide your bump - but if you’re nearing the third trimester it could be pointless to try and hide it, better to embrace it and celebrate the miracle of your body to bring new life into the world! 

General tips and tricks 

Here are some things to keep in mind while pregnant and planning a wedding: 

  • Keep calm. Easier said than done, but lowering your stress levels is good for you and your baby! Only take on as much as you can handle, and don’t be afraid to ask your loved ones for help. 
  • Consider your budget. With a new bub on the way, the bills are about to rack up and we won’t lie to you about this one! Be smart with your money. If you need to postpone your day until later when it is more financially stable for you, you won’t be the first or last person to have done this. 
  • Ask your catering to make pregnancy-safe meals and a great mocktails menu!

Good luck with your pregnancy and wedding preparations, you’ve got this! 

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