What is a telescopic ladder and how does it help homeowners?

What is a telescopic ladder and how does it help homeowners
by John Carlucci - December 19, 2022

A telescopic ladder provides a portable and easy way you can work at a modest height. Remember that a telescopic ladder may not be suitable for every situation, but they are useful. This is especially true if you have limited storage space or you work at several locations.

The Lakeside Hire has telescopic ladders that you can use at your home. They are easy to carry and you can use them to navigate tight turns or stairways without damaging walls or knocking over your valuables. This article discusses a telescopic ladder.

Understanding a telescopic ladder

A telescopic ladder is quite easy to understand once you see it in action. These ladders have a series of metal tubes and each one is a little smaller than the last. This makes them look like an antique telescope that someone can use.

You need to extend a telescopic ladder to an immediate height or its full height, but this can depend on what the work requires. While each segment extends, there is a safety latch that kicks in to make sure that ladder doesn’t collapse until you manually retract it.   

Once it’s fully collapsed, the ladder is usually at least two feet tall, and you can lift and carry it under one arm. Because of this, it’s easy to transport and store a telescopic ladder. On the other hand, a collapsed 16-foot extension ladder can measure at least eight feet long, and tends to take up a lot of space compared to a 17-foot telescopic ladder. Besides, a fully extended extension ladder can overlap between the sections, but a telescopic ladder extends to its full length.

The applications for a telescopic ladder

A telescopic ladder can be suitable for any project that requires an extension ladder. And, if you choose a telescopic multi-position ladder, then you may also use it rather than a stepladder. A telescopic ladder is especially useful in various situations. A typical telescopic ladder can collapse down to at least 36 inches tall and can weigh to about 35 pounds. Because of this, it’s easy to store your telescopic ladder in the closet or garage. Most homeowners, who have panel access to the attic that doesn’t have a built-in stairs or ladder, use a telescoping ladder.

A telescopic ladder has also a compact size, making it the right option to keep in your car. It’s a good idea to have a ladder on hand, especially for those with rental properties. Aside from this, if you have to navigate tight spaces using a large extension ladder, then you can appreciate the convenience that a telescopic ladder brings.Telescopic ladders are flexible to use. They have a compact design with a good reach considering their small storage size. They are also made up of lightweight material like aluminum, making them easy to carry with you. Aluminum material also ensures that these ladders are resistant to rust and corrosion, so you can use them for a long time. When setting up the telescopic ladder, you can decide the right ladder length that suits the job at hand.

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