What Is A Reconveyance In Real Estate?

What Is A Reconveyance In Real Estate?
by Tamara Rein - November 8, 2021

A deed of reconveyance is a document that transfers the title to your property from lenders who hold mortgages on it. The borrower has fulfilled their obligation and now owns this valuable asset. 

A deed of reconveyance is a legal document that can be used by mortgagors who have paid their mortgages in full. This means the lender cannot foreclose on them any more because they are satisfied with what was already lent to them, but there are still other people out there looking for loans and if these individuals come across this type of situation where someone has received two or three homes as pay-offs before finally purchasing one house themselves then it's possible some home equity lenders might try taking over ownership again.

When a home is purchased, the lender still owns it. The borrower pays off what he owes and as soon as that's done-the ownership of his property changes hands from lender to himself! Once everything has been paid in full with no liens against it then they'll get their deeds back too; these documents are called reconveyances because they "reconveys" or reassigns all rights pertaining to this land so there aren’t any outstanding debts left over after purchase price is satisfied. 

A deed of reconveyance is a legal document that clears the title from one party to another after paying off their mortgage. It must be signed and sealed by two parties, which means notarization too! Without this signature in place there can sometimes be complications when trying to sell any property bought with financing through banks or mortgages because no records will show ownership changing hands - meaning they might come across difficulties later down the road if it’s time for housing market assessments (which everyone should do!).

The three parties involved in the Deed of Reconveyance are as follows:

The trustor, who is paying back their loan so they can own real property such as land or house; The trustee will hold onto title until then and acts like a neutral third-party by holding on to whatever's being conveyed from one party (the debtor)to another — usually with some sort permission — while both sides wait out what’s called a Grace Period which allows time for someone else' s finances beyond just yours get worked around before we start making demands.

The lender no longer has a security interest in your home once you receive the deed of reconveyance. This is because it proves that they are released from their obligation to pay off any debt owed on this property, which means you can transfer at any time without being subject again to creditor demands.

Meta Title: What Is A Reconveyance In Real Estate?

Meta Description: A deed of reconveyance is a document that transfers the title to your property from lenders who hold mortgages on it.

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