What Is A PID Number In Real Estate?

What Is A PID Number In Real Estate?
by Jerome Foster - October 19, 2021

A PID number is nothing but Property Identification Number. It is a unique number generated by ward number, street name, and house/building number. This helps to identify the property uniquely. 

The format of PID numbers are generally like this - W-S-H-B or S-W-H-B where W stands for Ward, S stands for Street Name, H stands for House Number, and B stands for Building Number. For example, if your address has been mentioned as Plot No.-567, Main Road, Sector 2, then the corresponding PID will be SW2M2 567.

This helps in easy identification of the property for various purposes like taxation, police verification, etc. You can easily get your PID from the local sub-registrar office or revenue department office where you have purchased your property, or the seller will provide it on request at the time of registration.

If you cannot find out, we would suggest that you contact your nearest Revenue Department Office. They will provide it within two days after verifying all documents submitted by the buyer/seller, along with proof of address. 

In case if there are multiple owners, then each owner has to submit a separate application form along with required documents for getting their unique PID numbers assigned to their names, respectively. 

However, one person can apply on behalf of other co-owners if he holds a power of attorney document signed by all other co-owners authorizing him to do so on their behalf. Once done, you may use this unique identifier while filing income tax return forms online or any other related government filings. 

This property identification code helps to identify the property uniquely in any city or town. In addition to being used by county officials, it can also be helpful when researching real estate or land records.

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