What Is A Package Mortgage In Real Estate?

What Is A Package Mortgage In Real Estate?
by Kevyn Pitts - November 15, 2021

Package mortgages can be a perfect solution for buyers who want to purchase a home and add their own personal items. For example, if you are purchasing an investment property on top of the land it may have furniture included in its prices such as kitchen appliances or other household essentials that will make life easier during your time living there.

The offer could include both real estate with all pre-arranged fixtures like plumbing systems installed too; plus what’s known assets - so even though our client has not moved into this property just yet they still get some use out of them.

A package mortgage is a loan that has property and furniture as collateral. The personal items included in the purchase price, such as a refrigerator or washer-dryer combo unit increase its value when they're used by borrowers so lenders make more profit off this type of financing than on other types because there are fewer risks involved with the borrower not being able to sell their new appliances if they can't pay back what's owed - unlike cars which typically go into default immediately after purchase due solely because people don't have good enough credit history before buying them anyway.

Who Are Blanket Mortgages For?

A blanket mortgage is an excellent choice for buyers who want to finance the purchase of multiple properties. These loans are also called "blanket" or “all-inclusive” mortgages because they cover a lot—sometimes even more than just land costs! For example, developers and real estate investors may take out these types of financing in order to buy up large swaths right off the bat before it gets subdivided into individual lots with separate sales later on down the line when needed. On top of acting quickly without any risk involved (because there's no acquisition cost), flippers oftentimes can act aggressively knowing that any profit made will go directly back into making.

One of the primary benefits to taking out a blanket mortgage is that it can allow you to save on various costs associated with applying for and closing multiple mortgages. The property owner would only need to pay one set fee instead of separate ones, which could free up some capital in return.

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