What Company Owns The Most Real Estate?

What Company Owns The Most Real Estate?
by John Carlucci - November 10, 2021,

Commercial real estate is a fluid market that's been shifting over time with companies choosing to lease space from REITs instead of owning their own properties. This has led to an increase in capital invested into core operations for tenants, and it will be interesting to see how things play out as more landlords continue this trend or go back towards ownership again.

These are two companies that own the most of the real estate in the entire world,


The company holds nearly $30 BILLION in real estate assets. McDonald’s is a legitimate, multinational business that also sells hamburgers to their clients- but there's more than just food on the menu! They buy up valuable land (for stores and supply) while collecting rent through an extensive franchise system which includes buying property at auction or making deals directly with owners who need cash quickly for easy payments without even having any initial down payment required from them.

McDonald's real estate strategy is a force to be reckoned with in the fast-food industry. The company has been able not only to collect franchise fees from its stores but also to make sure it owns most of what they need - land and buildings alike--to ensure stability going forward for both corporate-controlled restaurants as well as franchised locations.

Including such an immense asset base allows McDonald's greater control over their franchises than any other rival out there would have had on their respective competitors by holding 55% worth ($6 billion) plus 80%. This helps give them an edge when compared against all others who solely depend upon collecting just payments related.


Walmart is a company that likes to own its properties. At the end of last year, 4701 out of 5500 stores were under Walmart's control including both physical locations like Walmart and Sam’s Club stores along with distribution facilities such as warehouses for third-party vendors who supply goods on behalf of retailers. Furthermore, 688 international retail spaces are also collectively owned by this trillion-dollar retailer, which has more than eleven thousand nine hundred nine square feet worth of assets worldwide.

The retail giant, Walmart leases space to more than 10,000 businesses such as hair and nail salons. While it doesn't break out how much rental income is made from this practice of leasing their real estate it's still one more way that Wal-Mart generates cash for investors in the company with lease revenues estimated at $1 billion annually according to an analysis by DB Consulting Group Incorporated.

Many retail-focused companies have sold their real estate, or never owned any because it ties up capital that slows their ability to grow. However, there's another side of the coin which is a valuable asset for retailers who can provide additional income streams and optionality in case they need more financial resources. This competitive advantage has been proven by Walmart with its vast portfolio as well as McDonald's' success despite being landlords rather than owning buildings outright themselves.

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