Ways to Make Your House Look Bigger

Ways to Make Your House Look Bigger
by Kevyn Pitts - September 29, 2022

Who wants a tiny living space after spending much of the past few years trapped indoors? Unfortunately, the crazy real estate market might mean putting off your search for a bigger home.

Fortunately, you can enhance what you currently have. Certain decorating and remodeling tips make your space feel roomier without completing an addition. Such upgrades also improve your property value, getting you more money if you sell someday.

How can you create the illusion of depth, width, and breadth? Here are five ways to make your house look bigger.

1. Play With Color

You have probably heard the advice that lighter colors make your space seem larger. That’s a solid rule, but you must evaluate each space first. For example, north-facing rooms might look elegant with a soft black instead of an eggshell that only emphasizes the area’s general dimness.

The “go lighter to make your home look bigger” rule does apply to the exterior, however. Lighter colors reflect the sun’s rays, whereas dark ones absorb them. The right choices can also impact your heating and cooling bills, making your house more energy-efficient by bouncing off the heat.

Uniform colors don’t necessarily open up a space, even if they’re off-white or ecru. Outside, you might consider a striking color for your front door and shutters. Inside, a unique accent wall can add length and depth to a room. Do you want to create an even bigger space illusion? Paint your accent wall to match your furniture and place your biggest pieces against it — your couch will blend in, creating more visual space.

2. Light It Up

Inviting more light into your space is another way to make your home look bigger without adding on. However, you might want to get friendly with home improvement projects if you live in a condo or row home and your lack of natural light stems from only two walls’ worth of available windows. Skylights could be the answer to your prayers.

Believe it or not, you might feel confident enough to DIY this project, depending on your beams. If your insert doesn’t include sawing through your joists, your biggest challenge will be waterproofing the seams to prevent leaks. You can even find small solar tubes for bathroom areas that provide natural light.

Take down your heavy blackout curtains — or use ties to keep them pulled back until the evening hours. Gauzy curtains provide ample privacy. Better yet, try a one-way window film that lets you see out without letting others look in. This has the added benefit of protecting your floors and furnishings from UV rays.

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

You don’t have to be a fan of feng shui to appreciate the use of mirrors to make your home’s interior look bigger. A huge pane of reflective glass nearly doubles the visual size of any living area. Their reflective properties spread light around your room, making everything appear brighter.

How can you have the most impact with mirrors? Try these tips, depending on your space:

Hang a picture mirror behind your couch: If you have your couch against an interior wall, a mirror behind it can double the look of your living space. It can also provide an extra view of your TV if some of your seating cuts out part of the screen.

Hang mirrors perpendicular to doors and windows: Hanging mirrors that reflect out your front door is a no-no to feng shui type. However, even those who don’t believe can appreciate how a mirror on a wall perpendicular to a door or window can spread incoming light into dark corners.

Go decorative: Make mirrors a part of your decor. Find versions with pretty frames. 

4. Fit Your Furniture to Your Space

You might have heard the advice to put off buying furniture until after closing if you’re purchasing a new home. This wisdom has more to do with preserving your debt-to-income ratio than interior design, but it’s sage for both purposes. Overly huge furniture in a small area makes the space seem even tinier.

For example, you might not have room in your living space for a huge sectional. Why not a loveseat and a couple of cozy beanbag chairs? You could also make a corner arrangement of two loveseats with an end table.

5. Clear the Clutter

The easiest and cheapest way to make your home look bigger is to pick up all that clutter. The more visual stimuli you have in one area, the smaller your brain will interpret it. Think of crowded antique shops. They’re no tinier than any other establishment in the same row, but they look minuscule because of all the knickknacks stacked everywhere.

Take a systematic approach if things are out of hand Clean one small space at a time, making a schedule for the next several evenings or weekends. A slow and steady thorough job is better than a quick pickup, and you’ll be more likely to maintain your tidy new abode after putting in significant effort.

Make Your Home Look Bigger

Did real estate prices delay your search for a roomier living area? Enhancing your home’s visual space can up your property value while making your current digs seem larger.

Consider the above ways to make your home look bigger. They require little effort and can make a significant difference.

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