Ways to Buy A Home in Sacramento

Ways to Buy A Home in Sacramento
by John Carlucci - June 8, 2022,

Meet the Sacramento Agents who will help you with your real estate needs. Their level of on-the-ground expertise and access to new financing products is unrivaled among Sacramento real estate brokers. We offer a clever solution to help you achieve your goals, whether you are buying, selling or both.

Shabi Horne

Shabi has vast experience in the real estate, property, and facilities management industries, having worked in the business since 2003. She has spent the majority of her life in Sacramento and the neighboring environs. Shabi has an in-depth understanding of the current market and successfully helps her clients. 

She approaches her clients' demands in a proactive manner. She is warm, compassionate, and possesses outstanding interpersonal skills. Shabi likes to go to the beach, hike, and play with her loving bulldog in her spare time (Wally). 

Parsons Christina

Working with a dedicated real estate expert may make all the difference whether you are a first-time home buyer looking for your dream home, a seller trying to downsize, or an investor looking for a wonderful opportunity. Christina Parsons is familiar with the neighborhood, including the best prices, the most recent listings, the ins and outs, and the buzz.

Allow Christina to demonstrate her abilities, which include excellent negotiating skills, polite service, and a proven track record. She will take care of everything from start to finish, including advertising, financing, inspections, and closing help. Christina can also provide you with advice on home staging and other repairs to help you sell your house quickly.

Alessandra Pires

Alessandra is a seasoned real estate professional who delivers outstanding service and outstanding outcomes. Her clients' best interests are always at the forefront of her mind, and she strives for the greatest possible result. Alessandra works tirelessly to ensure that every real estate transaction is a positive one. She has two children with her high school sweetheart. Alessandra spends her free time gardening and going on family outings.

Rebecca Lai

Rebecca is a firm believer in real estate's ability to generate wealth, and she enjoys assisting others. When it comes to purchasing and selling homes, Rebecca believes that real estate education is inadequate. She believes that in the current market, there is a demand for agents like herself who provide exceptional service. 

Rebecca worked in Internet startups and software sales prior to her real estate profession. She is also a Varsity coach. Rebecca enjoys trying new cooking recipes, exploring the local restaurant scene, visiting Lake Tahoe, and cheering on the Warriors and Giants when she is not creating long-term relationships with her clients. 

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