Two Essential Ceiling And Attic Access Doors Tips You Need To Know  

Two Essential Ceiling And Attic Access Doors Tips You Need To Know  
by John Carlucci - December 31, 2022

In this modern age, attics and ceilings are standard features inside commercial establishments. It's ideal, primarily if you aim to get better air quality and maintain your room's temperature. However, if not sealed properly, you can experience inconvenience rather than comfort. 

Hence, there are a couple of things that you should ponder about before installing the ceiling and attic access doors and panels, from the type of panels that perfectly fits your commercial building to ensuring it performs its vital functionalities. Here are three things essential for you to know about: 

1. The type of ceiling/attic access door to purchase 

Generally, there are loads of ceiling and attic panels that you can choose from in the market, making it extra challenging to ideally pinpoint the one your space needs. Nonetheless, the most typical access door types your commercial building will need are: 

  • Spring-loaded attic access door: It's a more economical attic panel with a built-in ladder that you can conveniently fold in and out. Thanks to its pull-down stairs feature, you can easily climb in and out of your ceiling and attic spaces without fearing for safety. Wood or metal element usually furnishes this kind of ceiling access door, so you guarantee its durability over time. 
  • Knee-wall attic access door:  The knee-wall access panels are suitable for attics in slant designs wherein a tiny room that serves as a loft, storage area, or bedroom is hiding behind. It's a unique attic entry point mounted on a short, vertical wall instead of a ceiling. 
  • Simple attic hatch: Also known as a scuttle hole, this is the most prominent type of ceiling access door utilized in various buildings. Its regular or square-shaped opening area is usually easy to detach. With a little push-up, you'll immediately have a clear passage to go in and out of your attic. Unlike the spring-loaded door type with deep-seated stairs, the simple attic hatch requires additional purchase and attachment of a ladder every time you'll egress and ingress to the attic. 

2. Security, insulation, and maintenance 

As mentioned, the proper ceiling of attics is vital to ensure that it performs its purpose and functionalities flawlessly. Thus, you should carefully look at these factors before purchasing or installing the attic access doors. 

  • Quantity of insulating material: Insulation is one of the significant benefits of having attics inside your building. With correct insulations, your establishment's temperature and air quality will dwindle. Therefore, you should consider adding helpful insulation utilities such as weather stripping and foam board to avoid losing heat through a neglected gap. 
  • Tightness of security: The amount of protection you embellish your ceiling and attic access doors is also valuable as it can be a gateway for thieves and other intruders to come in. Thus, securing your buildings' attic panels with excellent locking mechanisms inside and outside would be best. You can opt to upgrade the security of your attic and entire establishment with the following: 
  • Round cylinder lock with key 
  • Large screwdriver-operated cam latch 
  • Small screwdriver-operated cam latch 
  • Large hex head cam latch 
  • Small hex head cam latch 
  • Large pinned hex head cam latch 
  • Small pinned hex head cam latch 
  • Easy maintenance access: Think of an area where you can make it possible to have an easily accessible entry point. If maintenance isn't regular, your ceiling and attic are prone to destructive issues. For instance, condensation can build up when warm air passes through awkwardly installed access doors. Once installation is complete, routine upkeep is vital to keep your attics pests, mildew, and dampness-free. It's also one way to make your commercial building last for a time. 

Maximize attics' functions 

Ceiling and attics deliver a lot of unique functions to the whole operation of your commercial building. What's more, if it has a properly sealed and installed entry point and entryway through the installation of access doors and panels? It can bring truckloads of benefits to the ambiance of your establishments, such as pleasant air quality, well-ventilated spaces, and long-lasting value for your property. All these contribute significantly to how you run your business establishment, allowing you to gain more customers and potential investors and causing your business building to flourish.

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