Tips To Prepare The House Before Putting It On Sale

Tips To Prepare The House Before Putting It On Sale
by Jerome Foster - September 29, 2022

Once you have decided to sell, you have to prepare the house for sale, that is, prepare it and set it up so that it is as attractive as possible to visitors. The first impression is very important; from it, you will get a feeling that can be good or, on the contrary, bad, and there will be no second chance. In addition, preparing the house for each visit and making a photographic report are two essential things.

To arrange visits, you must first seduce customers, and in this sense, images play a decisive role!

A coat of paint. A freshly painted house always feels much newer than it really is. For this reason, a coat of paint could be a small investment that helps us not only to get a faster sale but also a sale for a larger amount. Do it in light tones; they provide luminosity and perception of space. Take advantage of the fact that you are going to paint to free the walls that are overloaded with paintings or photos. Want to save more? Try using peel and stick wallpapers.

Fine-tuning. The time has come to get down to work with all those reviews that we have been postponing for so long: broken shutters, doors that do not close, clogged pipes, unhooked towel rails... everything must be ready for your visits. Change old elements such as sconces, knobs, taps... They remove a category from your home.

Order and symmetry, the pattern to follow. If there is something capable of seducing the human eye like nothing, it is the order and symmetry that exists between the elements of the same space. This is because our brain has a fondness for creating figures. When reality (or the objects in it) helps it to create them, we unconsciously feel a certain satisfaction.

Say no to empty spaces. Furniture is a much more important aspect than it seems. We are not referring to their functional role, but on an aesthetic level, they can radically improve the appearance of a room. Empty rooms are not attractive to potential buyers, and with just three or four elements, you can give an unoccupied space a very special touch, such as turning an empty room into an office or living room, but never, under any circumstances, do of it, a storage room. Make the furniture fulfill a mission in each room of the house.

Don't overload the rooms. We just told you to occupy the empty spaces, but that does not mean that you clutter them. Use only the necessary furniture. First of all, the rooms must convey a diaphanous and spacious feeling.

Remove any personal items. Especially objects such as paintings or photo frames, decorative objects of personal criteria (such as vases, figures, souvenirs, etc.), or clothing. If the clothes are inside the cabinets, keep them organized by color and type, and you will give the piece of furniture a feeling of great functionality.

Remove any ideological reference: group or movie posters, photo frames, political or religious signs, objects related to sports teams, etc. You can change it up with “something more neutral”, like a cute removable nursery wallpaper.

Terrace or Garden. They must be well cared for and in perfect condition. Sometimes it is the first or last impression that the potential buyer of the house gets, and we want it to be a good one. Make sure that the plants are arranged; in addition to giving a feeling of care, they give a lot of life to the home. If the garden is not taken care of, simply clean it up and leave the soil free of weeds, with the soil raked and ready for planting.

Before visiting, you must do a thorough cleaning of the house and check that all the rooms are clean. We hope these tips were helpful. Thank you for reading!


  • Jerome Foster

    Jerome has worked for an international real estate magazine in the past before joining Prudentialcal. He now spearheads our team of writers and ensures the quality of content we produce weekly.

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