Tips To Enhance The Public Park In Your Real Estate Project

Tips To Enhance The Public Park In Your Real Estate Project
by John Carlucci - August 23, 2022

Including a public park in your real estate project is a great idea as it enhances the market value of your investment. More buyers will be keen to pick the property, and you can also expect a high price. But every land developer knows this open secret, so they will probably have a similar offering for potential buyers. However, you can do your bit to set your project apart by implementing some practical ideas to make your public park better than the competitors. Let us share some valuable tips to ramp up your real estate offering with better design and features for your community park.

Plant trees

Think beyond the lush green grass and beautiful flowers for your community park. Trees make a great addition as they add beauty to the space, provide shade, and enhance the serenity of the space. You may require a tree-planting permit according to the local law of your city, so be sure to check the ordinances before embarking on the planting spree. You will definitely get more takers for your project by having a shady-green park in your project.

Add a water feature

A water feature like a pond or fountain for your park can take the value of your project a notch higher. It brings a picture-worthy vibe to the entire neighborhood. The feature even attracts the local wildlife to the area, making it an attractive place for the young and old alike. You can surely highlight it as a selling point for your project because people love to buy properties in such locations.

Install eco-friendly equipment

Sustainability is one of the top factors for potential home buyers assessing properties as they look for a dream home. Besides building eco-friendly homes, you can go the extra mile with sustainable community spaces. Installing eco-friendly commercial playground equipment in the park gives you a great start. People will love to own a home in a neighborhood where their kids can learn the lessons of environmental consciousness from a young age. 

Include a dog park

Pet ownership is a way of life as countless families adopt furry friends for love and companionship. Including a dog park in your real estate project can help you cater to a large market. It can be a USP for your project because pet owners often look for residential areas where they can take their pets out without any problems. Adding elements like ramps, jumping hoops, steppers, and weave polls to the park makes it valuable for pet owners.

Create a central hub

Creating a central hub for multiple activities is another excellent idea as it makes all community members feel welcome in the area. Ensure it has spaces for rest, entertainment, play, exercise, and conversation. It is better to segregate these areas so that one activity does not interfere with the others. You can collaborate with an urban planner to integrate these design elements in the limited space. 

A public park is a value addition for a real estate project, but you must think outside the box to make it better than the rest. Try these ideas to get a step ahead with your community park.

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