The Dos and Don'ts of Finding the Right Short-Term Rentals

The Dos and Don'ts of Finding the Right Short-Term Rentals
by John Carlucci - March 6, 2023

If you travel to a new place for vacation or your work isn't in one place, you may need a temporary place to stay. You can find many places to live, including hotels, vacation rentals, sublets, and many more.

But one thing all of these places have in common is that they are all transitional, which means living in these locations will be a little different from an apartment you have wanted to live in for a long time. Short-term rentals are the new normal that is increasingly getting popular among people.

Living in a short-term rental provides you with many benefits, such as you will not be committed to a long-term lease, you can leave whenever you feel like it, and many more. However, there are some dos and don'ts that will help you make the best out of your situation. We will first look at the dos, followed by the don'ts and tips to make your short-term rentals the best experience.

The dos in short-term rentals

1. Do maintain your budget

The most significant factor that will determine the short-term apartment you can afford to rent is your budget.

You are likely to get a better apartment if you can spare some cash monthly for the rent, but it's not worth it if you stretch yourself more than you can withstand.

The rule is that you shouldn't spend more than 30% of your income on your monthly rental fee. Analyze your budget, and regardless of the price of a home, try and stick to your budget.

2. Do work with a rental broker

Searching for short-term rentals can be hard sometimes, especially in a busy city like New York; you can get things done easily by hiring a broker. The broker will help narrow your searches and send you a list of houses based on your budget and necessities. Or you can check the internet for offers, like these options of short-term rentals from SharedEasy.

3. Do check out the neighborhoods

You might find a perfect house, but not in a good neighborhood. Even though it's a short-term rental, check the home's surrounding area before committing to it.

4. Do read the lease agreement

Ensure to read the lease agreement before signing it. It's best to know what your landlord is expecting and what you are also expecting from them. It will be bad to realize later something you overlooked while reading the lease after signing it.

The don'ts of short-term rentals

1. Don't rate based on pictures

Most houses today are listed on the internet platforms. Even though the list you will see online will make you choose the one that will suit your needs, it's best, even after selecting online, also to go and check the property physically.

2. Don't settle for a lousy roommate

You might be renting a short-term co-living apartment; in this case, don't compromise your comfort by settling for a lousy roommate.

Just because the rent is cheap doesn't mean you should always go for it. Choose your peace of mind more than affordability.

3. Don't forget to ask questions

Committing to a lease is a big decision, and what some renters often forget is to ask questions regarding the property they are renting.

If you have time, not only should you ask the landlord a lot of questions, but also go around and evaluate the neighborhood.

You can also check online for reviews from previous tenants. Even though finding a home is daunting, it is worth putting in extra effort to ensure you get the best regardless of the duration you are going to live in the house.

How to make your short-term rentals feel like home

1. Don't carry all your belongings

If you are going to live in a short-term rental for a short time and aren't planning to commit to a long-term lease later, you shouldn't carry all your belongings along because it's another move on its own. Bring the necessary items and leave the ones you know you aren't going to use soon.

2. Ensure the rental fee covers the basics

Because you are going to live in a place for the short term doesn't mean you should compromise on things that are important to you.

If essential amenities like a gym, unit washer, or dryer matter to you, find an apartment that has them rather than forcing yourself to compromise.

Ensure to make your experience a happy and comfortable one. And it won't be itching you to move out quickly before your due time.

3. Don't unpack it if you don't need it

Maybe you have carried plenty of boxes, and even though it's not advisable to keep an unpacked box, it will still be stressful to unpack when you know you will move out soon. It's not bad to pack your things, but it will be nice to know that you don't have many things to worry about when it's time for you to pack again.

4. Save your boxes

If you are going to move out early, save your boxes instead of throwing them away, especially if they are in good condition. This also applies to other packing supplies; if you have where to keep them for later use, try and do so.

5. Decorate, but don't hang art

Since you want your move-out process to be as simple and smooth as possible, you can make your home personal, but you mustn't hang things that will take you time to fix. Moreover, it's not every house owner that will even allow you to create a hole in their property wall.

6. Meet your neighbors

Lastly, it will be good to know the people around your neighborhood. Meet your neighbors if you are free, and if you are not, whenever you meet them on the road, try and offer, even if it's a simple smile. You don't need to make friends with them, but having nice acquaintances will make you feel at ease.


Living in a short-term rental is fun, especially if you enter with a positive mindset. So embrace the dos while living in your home and try as much as possible to avoid the don'ts. Try and make your short stay in the neighborhood an enjoyable experience

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