The 7 Best Dividend Growth Stocks for Long-Term Investors

February 23, 2023

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When faced with myriad market ambiguities, investors may be well served to target the best dividend growth stocks to buy. In many ways, this investment category represents the best of both worlds. Fundamentally, passive-income providers typically align with established (and therefore profitable) businesses. Since the market can go either way under ambiguous cycles, dividend providers offer a hedge.

However, pure passive-income plays don’t offer much upside return. On the other hand, growth-oriented investments generally provide significant returns during decisively bullish cycles. However, they also present risks. And that’s where the best dividend growth stocks come into play. Specifically, all these securities enjoy forecasted returns in the double digits. Just as well, they provide passive income, affording confidence in an uncertain environment. So, without further ado, below are the best dividend growth stocks to buy.

Philip Morris
Becton Dickinson
Kimco Realty
Diamondback Energy
Devon Energy

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