Moving Hacks for a Faster, Easier, and Less Stressful Move

August 4, 2022,

There are three main ways to get a move done fast. First, own literally nothing; then, wherever you’ve gone, you’ve moved! That’s a joke, most people don’t do that, and even if they do, it can be somewhat risky to be so unencumbered. The second option is to try UmoveFree, or similar services, which reduce the cost of the move and give you the tools for the job.

Even if you’re a single person who has to move out of a house in a day, with such services, you can get everything loaded and transported pretty conveniently. That’s especially true if you have a little help.

This is tactic number three when it comes to a swift move that’s low-stress: get your friends to help. It’s easier than you think; just box everything the night before and buy a case of beer they like. You do the driving, they can help you with the loading, and in the meantime, you get to spend a few hours laughing, reminiscing, and sharing a few brews.

2. Making Things Easier for Yourself

Granted, not everybody has the option to rope their friends in. Friends are a form of wealth, truly. However, if you make friends with Father Time, you can yet lessen the load. Say you’re moving from one apartment to another in town. Give yourself a month of overlap.

You know you have to be out by “X” date. Well, sign the documentation on the other unit in advance, so you have access to it. Now, every morning when you drive to work, stop by the new place and drop off some boxes. Whenever you go on an errand during the week, drop off a load. Do that daily, and in 14 days, you’ve moved 14 loads.

Think about the size of a small car. If you fill that vehicle all the way up, front to back, 14 times, you may be able to move everything in your unit but the big items like wardrobes, beds, or chairs that can’t be disassembled for a better transfer. Then, just rent the moving truck for an hour or two on the last day for the big stuff, and you’re good to go.

3. Cutting Out All the Unnecessary Stress

If you try to get the whole move done in a day or two, it’s entirely possible; but that’s a lot of work if you’re not ready for it. Moving fast means sweating; it means you’re going to rush in a stressful way, you might trip on something and break a lamp; many things happen. It’s unlikely, even in the most well-structured move, you’ll get from point A to point B without incident.

If you’re rushing, and you’ve got a dozen people helping for a small time window, you’ll get stressed out, more things break, and that compounds the stress. Basically, the smaller your target for a move, the more stress. You need room. Unless you’re a professional mover who knows the business, you need a wide target.

Think of it like marksmanship. A sniper can knock the nose off a gnat from 90 yards. If you’re new to the range, you can barely hit a wide target fifty feet away. Well, if you’ve only moved a handful of times in your life, you’re going to forget little things, make mistakes, damage something or other, and get stressed out. You’ve given yourself too small a target.

What makes more sense is having some “flex”. You need a margin for error, and the wider, the better. Giving yourself time, working with friends, and taking things one at a time can help.

Optimizing the Move

A fast move is best made with resources; then, you can give yourself a wide enough margin for error. Taking your time makes things easier as well, additionally helping to eliminate stress. Everyone has a different moving situation. Figure out what works for you, your budget, and where you’re going. Plan a little, and the move goes better.

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