Living in Luxury; Housing Options

Living in Luxury; Housing Options
by John Carlucci - December 12, 2022

Adding a little luxury to your lifestyle is as simple as starting with the home you buy. Finding a new place to call home is thrilling, especially if you’re a first time home buyer or ready for a fresh start.

When choosing which home you should buy, there are a few important factors to consider. A few of those factors are; the location, style, and features of the home.


When you wake up every morning, what do you want to see outside your window? A thick forest filled with evergreens and winding creeks? A soft-sanded beach waiting for you to swim in its sea, then bask in the sun’s warm rays? Or maybe a wide open lake that’s as blue as the sky?

Choosing the location of your new home is just as important as selecting the home itself.

It’s also important to consider what the area offers. For example, does the area offer adequate shopping and entertainment? Does the area allow you to prosper with job and educational opportunities? Is it a good neighborhood?


There are various styles of homes to choose from. Some of the most popular styles are; Victorian, Tudor, Cape Cod, colonial, contemporary, French country, Mediterranean, ranch-style, craftsman, and cottage.


Some features a new home provides are; indoor or outdoor pool, shed, hunting land, open-concept kitchen, spacious laundry room, or an exquisite master bathroom with marble floors. 

Questions to consider when choosing features; how many bedrooms and bathrooms will fulfill your and your family’s needs? Do you need extra space for work, hobbies, or entertainment?

Other Luxurious Housing Options

If you’re looking to live in luxury, but a house exceeds your price range, there are other suitable options for luxurious living that might be within your budget. Condos and tri-level townhomes are two options you can choose from. 


A condominium differs from an apartment in the sense it’s often more luxurious and the ownership is different. Although it’s possible to rent a condo, you can choose to own it.


A townhome is a terraced house, with many levels or floors, attached to other homes like it. Townhomes are found in dense urban and suburban areas.

There are many real estate agencies that offer a multitude of housing options. Simply select your location and find a realtor that is familiar with the area. make sure your search is specific. For example, if you’re looking to move somewhere warm, like Florida, your search may look something like this, Fiddlers Creek Naples luxury homes for sale.

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