Jump Financial LLC acquires new shares of Broadstone Net Lease, Inc. (NYSE:BNL)

February 8, 2023

The most recent statement that Jump Financial LLC has filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission indicates that during the third quarter of 2018, the company made a new investment in Broadstone Net Lease, INC This information has been made available to the public (NYSE: BNL).

The investment fund spent approximately 480,000 dollars to purchase 30,900 shares of stock in the company.

Several well-known investors have recently made modifications to the number of shares of the company’s stock they own.

During the second quarter, FMR LLC achieved a 67.8 percent increase in its share of ownership in Broadstone Net Lease. Currently, FMR LLC holds a total of 1,903 shares of the company’s stock, which has a value of $39,000 when taken together. Since the beginning of this year, this represents an increase of 769 shares.

During the second quarter, Lazard Asset Management LLC successfully increased 205.6% in the proportion of Broadstone Net Lease that it owned.

Lazard Asset Management LLC now has 4,052 shares of the company’s stock, valued at $83,000, after acquiring an additional 2,726 shares during the period in question.

During the second quarter of the fiscal year, US Bancorp DE increased its holdings in Broadstone Net Lease by 1,231.1%. US Bancorp DE now has a total of 6,429 shares of the company’s stock, which are currently valued at $132,000 following the acquisition of an additional 5,946 shares during the most recent period.

During the first three months of 2018, Mackenzie Financial Corporation acquired 11.9% of Broadstone’s Net Lease.

Mackenzie Financial Corp.

Is now the owner of a total of 9,778 shares of the company’s stock, which has a value of $213,000 after the company made an additional purchase of 1,038 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter. Handelsbanken Fonder AB made a new investment in the amount of 171,000 Swedish Krona in Broadstone Net Lease during the third quarter.

This is the last, but not the least, item on the agenda.

To the tune of 79.29% of the company’s shares, hedge funds, and other institutional investors are the owners of those shares.
In other news, Morgan Stanley lowered their price target on Broadstone Net Lease shares from $20.00 to $19.00 and rated the stock as “equal weight” in a research note issued on Friday, December 16th.

The note was related to the company’s investment in Broadstone Net Lease.

Two analysts have recommended buying the company’s stock, while three analysts have recommended that investors maintain their current stock holdings.

According to data provided by Bloomberg, the stock is currently rated as having a consensus recommendation of “Hold,” and it has a price objective of $21.00.
On Monday, trading started at $17.79 for the NYSE: BNL stock. $18.04 is the moving average price for the company over the past 200 days, while $17.17 is the moving average price over the last 50 days.

During the past year, Broadstone Net Lease, INC’s price fluctuated between $14.98 and $22.80, reaching a low of $14.98 and a high of $22.80, respectively.

The company’s market capitalization is $3.08 billion, and its price-to-earnings ratio is 25.06.

The beta value of the stock is 1.14.

BNL is a self-managed real estate investment trust (REIT) that purchases, owns, and maintains various commercial real estate facilities that are long-term net leased to various tenants.

These facilities are primarily single-tenant commercial real estate facilities.

Long-term leases are in place for all of BNI’s real estate holdings.

A comprehensive fundamental credit analysis and careful underwriting of real estate properties form the basis of the company’s investment strategy, which is built on these two pillars.

If I tell you which other hedge funds currently hold holdings in BNL, would you be interested in finding out this information? By going to HoldingsChannel.com, you can investigate the most recent 13F filings and insider transactions for Broadstone Net Lease, INC (NYSE: BNL).

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