Italian Investor Visa Myths Global Entrepreneurs Should Ignore

Italian Investor Visa Myths Global Entrepreneurs Should Ignore
by John Carlucci - July 6, 2022

Global entrepreneurs are passionate about extending the boundaries of their ventures. Setting up overseas sounds exciting rather than daunting to them. But you must choose the relevant destination to join the international business bandwagon. Italy is an excellent choice because it offers the best of everything, from lucrative growth opportunities to favorable regulations and easy immigration. You can seek insights into the investor visa process from the team of Investor Visa for Italy LLC to create an immigration roadmap for yourself. But some myths may keep you from securing the immense benefits of this immigration option. Let us debunk the ones global entrepreneurs should steer clear of.

Myth #1- It can burn a hole in your wallet

An investor visa is an investment-based immigration alternative as you have to bring a hefty sum to the destination country. But things are different for the Italian investor visa, and your startup budget need not be a reason to worry. The minimum funding to get in is €250,000 for an innovative startup in Italy. So you need not burn a hole in your wallet as you can land with thousands instead of millions. 

Myth #2- Family immigration can cost a fortune

Another misconception that can disrupt your global entrepreneurship goals is that you may have to spend a fortune on family immigration. Of course, you will expect to bring your family along while establishing a new business in the country. The truth is that you need not break the bank as the investor visa process does not require additional investment for family members. You only need to provide proof of financial capacity to support them. 

Myth #3- Your funds are at risk

Definitely not, because they do not even come into the picture until you land in Italy and get your residence permit as the final immigration formality. The initial stages require you only to provide bank statements validating proof of funds for investment. You need not worry about rejection as your money stays in your account until the completion of the process. You also get a three-month deadline to deposit the investment funds.

Myth #4- The costs outweigh the benefits

The investor visa process costs much less than you imagine. You need not travel to Italy as you can apply for the nulla osta (certificate of no impediment) online and submit your visa application to your local consulate. Hiring an expert is a small price to streamline the journey and prevent delays due to errors. The benefits far outweigh the costs as you can set up your business and expand it across the EU with visa-free travel as a resident. 

Myth #5- It is a short-term option 

Another myth you should steer clear of is that the investor visa is a short-term immigration option. Although it leads to a two-year residence permit in the beginning, you become eligible for citizenship by naturalization after a decade in the country. You can grow your business without worrying about having to leave after the permit period. All you need to do is retain the original investment during the decade of residence.

Now that these myths are debunked, you are in a better place to apply for an Italian investor visa as a global entrepreneur. Remember to collaborate with a seasoned immigration professional to ease your journey. 

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