How to Stage Your Real Estate to Appeal to Families

How to Stage Your Real Estate to Appeal to Families
by John Carlucci - November 24, 2023

The average age of an American home buyer is 36, which means the chances of them bringing a family along for the ride are high. This is essential information if you are selling your home, as this demographic has distinct preferences and aspirations. Tailoring your staging approach to families is a strategic imperative. 

Families are the cornerstone of many home buyer demographics, so staging a home that resonates with familial warmth and functionality could create a quicker path to a sale. Let's see how best to do this.

Spare bedrooms should become kids' bedrooms

Everyone wants to see a quick turnaround when selling a home. To better the chances of this and help show a family why your space could be their new nest, consider transforming at least a few spare bedrooms into inviting children's rooms. 

Opt for gender-neutral decor to cast a broad appeal, steering clear of stereotypes and allowing people to project their own visions onto the canvas you've created. A splash of color in the form of vibrant, playful wall art can infuse the room with character, evoking a sense of joy and creativity. Strategically place children's books on the dresser to help potential buyers envision bedtime stories and quality time spent in these cozy spaces with their little ones.

Understand the premium on practical and inviting outdoor areas

If your home boasts a backyard patio, it becomes an extension of the living space and a potential haven for familial bonding. To enhance the appeal of your outdoor space, start by adorning the patio with tasteful outdoor furniture. Ensure the lawn is manicured, and add playsets, creating an inviting backdrop for outdoor activities and play. For example, including children's outdoor toys or a well-maintained swing set can be a charming touch.

Consider the experiences that define family life

In 2021, roughly 7.01 million families in America had three or more children living in the household. Keep this in mind when staging the common areas. Envision parents and their children and the rhythm of these spaces. Every element should contribute to the overarching narrative of a home that accommodates and embraces the essence of family living.

Take a look around and see if you can improve the practicality of spaces. Usually, by doing some basic remodeling, you can enhance the overall value of a space. Consider the cost of the potential remodeling, and if affordable, prioritize it! Strategic staging and remodeling can significantly influence a potential buyer's perception, offering them a glimpse into the countless memories waiting to be made.

Opt for comfortable and durable furniture in common areas, ensuring that it complements the space's aesthetic and stands up to the wear and tear of family life. Soft, inviting sofas and chairs create a sense of coziness, beckoning families to gather for movie nights, board games, or heart-to-heart conversations.

Pro tip: Board games, card games, or puzzles serve as visual cues and invite the imagination to wander into scenes of laughter, bonding, and shared joy. 

Remember that the living room serves as the heart of the home

When staging the living room to attract families, the mantra is prioritising space and fostering a sense of coziness. Begin by selecting furniture that complements the room's dimensions and maximizes seating options. Sectional sofas or comfortable, plush couches offer ample seating and a welcoming atmosphere.

Steer clear of overly formal designs. Instead, opt for furnishings with a relaxed charm, making the space feel lived-in and inviting. Consider incorporating ottomans or poufs for additional seating flexibility and a touch of casual flair. This caters to a family's practical needs and cultivates an environment where everyone feels at ease.

In the pursuit of comfort, it's wise to avoid light-colored furniture and rugs. Families, especially those with children or pets, require furnishings that can withstand the inevitable spills and stains of daily life. We get it; you're not selling furniture, but you are selling the idea that this is where this prospective family will spend a lot of their time, so the more you can help them picture this, the better. Opt for darker, forgiving hues that not only mask the wear and tear but also contribute to the cozy ambience you're aiming for.

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