How To Sell A House In Any Condition NJ

How To Sell A House In Any Condition NJ
by Jerome Foster - October 21, 2021

So, you’re wondering how you can sell a house in any condition in NJ. Your house isn’t in top condition, and you just want to skip repairs, sell the house and move on! But, the house is seriously damaged or in disrepair. How are you going to find a home buyer for a house in any condition? In this post, you will learn how to sell a house in any condition in New Jersey, and tips to sell it fast! 

First, What is the Condition of Your NJ House? 

Selling a house in any condition can mean anything. Is your house completely uninhabitable or in fair condition? 

A completely uninhabitable house is one that’s in a deplorable condition, which makes it impossible or a hazard to live in — for instance, houses damaged by fire or water. Also inhabitable are houses with severe black mold, pest infestation, leaky plumbing, and structural problems such as extensive roof damages and foundation cracks.  

On the other hand, a house in fair condition is rundown but habitable. Perhaps the paints are peeling off, the floor is stained, locks are broken, and other minor issues. Or, the kitchen and bathrooms are outdated, and the yard landscape is overgrown. So, the house only just needs some TLC or features upgrade. 

Whatever the case, you can still sell your house in any condition in NJ. Keep reading to find out how you can sell your house in New Jersey fast, no matter its condition. 

How To Sell a House in Any Condition in NJ

You most likely don’t have the funds nor time to fix your New Jersey house before putting it on the market. Hence, your search for a way to sell your house in any condition in NJ. Well, there are two ways you can sell an uninhabitable or fair condition house without carrying out repairs. 

Sell Your House in NJ For Cash 

This is the number one way to sell your house in any condition in New Jersey. You not only get paid cash, but your house also gets sold fast too. Selling your house for cash means selling to cash home buyers or real estate investors who don’t care about your house’s condition. 

These homebuyers pay cash for houses in any condition, exactly as-is. That is, you won’t have to do any repairs, no matter how major or minor the issues are. And, the buyer will usually pay the closing cost and take over outstanding financial obligations related to the house.

Furthermore, these buyers don’t need financing, and so can close the deal fast in 3 to 7 days. Moreover, you don’t need to pay an agent a commission to help you sell the house. All you have to do is contact a cash buyer, provide some information about your home, and you’ll get a fair offer within 48hrs.  

Sell Your House As-is With An Agent

An agent with as-is experience can help you sell your house in any condition on the open market. However, you would have to go through the process of doing some repairs and staging your house to make it look good. Then, list the house to attract buyers who won’t mind the condition of the house.

An agent with as-is experience can help you decide on repairs that will increase your home value, if any. They can also help you negotiate a good deal, as you would mostly get low offers because of the condition of your house. But, the buyer may be one who needs financing, which may delay the closing. 

Pros of Selling A House in Any Condition 

The primary benefit of selling a house in any condition is that you don’t have to carry out any repairs, such as installing a new roof or remodeling the kitchen. Cash home buyers will buy your house in whatever condition it’s in, and an as-is agent can help you find a buyer that doesn’t mind.  

Moreover, selling your house in any condition to cash home buyers has the added benefits of selling it fast. So, your house won’t have to be on the market for months on end, waiting for someone who doesn’t mind to make an offer. Not to mention, you won’t have to pay any agent commission. 

Cons of Selling A House in Any Condition

The main con of selling a house in any condition is the low price. But, the fact is, whether you’re selling as-is with a real estate agent or selling for cash, you won’t get as great an offer as you would if your house was in top shape. 

Nevertheless, cash buyers always make a fair offer, and your as-is agent may negotiate a reasonable deal. However, you must be careful not to fall for scam cash buyers or unscrupulous as-is agents. Ensure you do your due diligence on the legitimacy of the buyer. 

4 Tips For Selling A House in Any Condition in NJ

Even though you can sell a house in any condition in NJ without any repairs, you can sell it faster and at a better price with these tips. 

1. Showcase the Good 

Yes, your house isn’t in top condition. But, it certainly has some good features. Use compelling words to highlight these features to make your house shine. Also, include good things that aren’t about the house itself. Maybe your neighborhood is a good school district. Or, there’s a to-die-for fantastic view from the top floor. 

2. Don’t Hide The Ugly

Resist the temptation to downplay or outrightly lie about the bad conditions of your house. Your buyer would likely find out during the house inspection and lose trust in you. What’s more, failing to disclose information about the house’s condition can open you to legal liability. 

3. Do Some Minor Repairs 

You just want to sell the house and don’t have any money to invest in it. That’s okay. You can still sell your house in any condition. However, doing some minor repairs, such as repainting, removing stains, and fixing broken door locks, can help boost the value of your home. 

4. Deep Clean & Declutter 

Again, you don’t want to spend any money. But, a house covered in grime and cluttered with trash would not get a reasonable offer.  So, haul out old furniture and hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean to make the condition of the house look more appealing to buyers.  

What’s Next?

How you choose to sell a house in any condition in NJ depends on you. Whether you hire an as-is agent or sell to a cash home buyer, the bottom line is that selling a house in any condition is possible. However, we’ll recommend selling to cash home buyers to close the deal fast and at a fair price too. 


  • Jerome has worked for an international real estate magazine in the past before joining Prudentialcal. He now spearheads our team of writers and ensures the quality of content we produce weekly.

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