How To Invest in Fix and Flip Properties

How To Invest in Fix and Flip Properties
by John Carlucci - December 15, 2022, , ,

As the housing market slowly recovers, it’s plain to see that the fix-and-flip method of investing in real estate is back. This type of method enables investors to earn profits in a short period of time with simple reparations and renovations on a recently purchased property.

This method was popular back in the day when real estate prices were steady, but even now, if you are one of those investors looking to make a huge profit, fixing and filliping is the best option for you. Generally speaking, one can expect to earn a profit of around $25,000 if the fix-and-flip is successful. However, this will depend on the neighborhood, the property condition, etc.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at how you can maximize your chance of successful fixes and flips.

Get the right funds 

If you want to invest, you better have funds ready. Fixing and flipping is an extremely popular method of investing and the whole process can last only two to three months. If you don’t have the funds ready and waiting, you might miss some property opportunities.

But there are a million fix and flip financing options out there. For starters, you can talk to your bank and see whether you are eligible for a loan. Bear in mind that, these types of loans take a long time to get approved and in this case, too long. If you can obtain loans quickly from your bank, then that’s a big plus as the interest rates can be brought down significantly by your down payment.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a property and flip it quickly, hard money loans are your best option. Despite what the name suggests, hard money loans are actually fairly simple to obtain. This type of loan is issued by a private loaner. 

You might need a business plan, but that can be taken care of with templates. Still, even though there are easier to obtain, you can expect much higher interest rates than the regular bank-issued ones.

With hard money loans, you can invest in any property you choose. But with banks, you will have to provide the bank with a lot of data and ROI predictions, and then they will have to review it and deem whether a loan should be issued to you.

Pick the right property

It goes without saying that you will be making profits based on the property you obtain. In most cases, you will only have to do a few repairs before listing it. However, in certain cases, you will have to completely renovate and improve the property. 

If this is the case, carefully calculate whether the improvement made will increase the value of the property. Do not make repairs if there is no yield for you as you can be looking at a negative profit outcome.

It’s also important to find the right location for the property. Even if you make drastic and captivating improvements to a house, it might still be unsellable due to its location. Carefully do your research and pull all the crime stats in that particular area. If they are high, your best bet is to move to another property.

Work with experts

If it’s your first time fixing and flipping, you might have a very difficult time taking care of everything on your own. So, to ensure that the whole process runs smoothly, you should consider finding a partner.

With a partner, you can expect to maximize your chances of success while also minimizing your losses. If you find an expert in the field, you can also learn a lot which will help you in your future real estate ventures.

Bottom line

Fixing and flipping is still a very popular method for investing in real estate. You can expect to earn significant amounts of profit in the span of three months if you play your cards right. If you are just about to try your luck with fixing and flipping, make sure that you are working with experts in the field so that you can learn the ways of the trade. 

And lastly, if the banks are not too eager to lend you the funds for the investment, consider hard money loans.

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