How To Find A Studio Apartment?

How To Find A Studio Apartment?
by Kevyn Pitts - October 1, 2021

Studio apartments are great for people who want to live in the city and don’t need much space. They can be found all over, but they tend to be more common in urban areas with less room available. The key to finding the perfect studio apartment is knowing what to look for. Here are five things that will help you find the right one.

Enough Space

You can do so many things to optimize space, but you need to consider enough space to adjust. Look for enough vertical space so that the apartment doesn’t seem congested. Also, make sure there’s ample storage space. This means having cabinets or shelves to store all of your items to don’t take up floor or countertop space. 

Natural Light

First of all, natural lighting is important in any room, especially a small one. Ensure that there are windows on at least two sides of the room to feel bright and airy. A great studio apartment has natural lighting that brightens up every corner of the space. 

Apartment Location

Make sure your new place is close to work or school, so you don't waste time commuting every day. They can be found in all sorts of places, from downtown lofts to high-rise towers. You might even find one tucked away on a quiet street or hidden behind another building if you are lucky.

Building Amenities

There are some basic amenities that every studio should have, like a bed, kitchen appliances (fridge, stove), bathroom amenities (shower/bathtub), etc. So if these features aren't present in your potential new home, don't buy them no matter how good the price sounds.

Price Range

If you are alone and looking for a space for rent, then renting a studio apartment might be right. They offer all of the benefits of living alone without having to pay too much money upfront. You need to check how much money renting the apartment will cost you, including security deposit, rent, or monthly maintenance cost if any.

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