How to Ensure Your Rental is Well Looked After

How to Ensure Your Rental is Well Looked After
by John Carlucci - November 29, 2023,

Unfortunately, rental properties get ruined much quicker than others. This is because nobody is going to treat your property as well as you will. You’ve put your time and energy into securing this piece of real estate, so it’s only natural that you expect others to respect your home. Thankfully, there are various tips and tricks that you can take on board to ensure your rental is well looked after. Keep reading to find out what they are!

Take Pre Move In Pictures

Documenting the entire process begins with taking pictures before the tenants move in. This will help avoid any future debates on whether damages were incurred before or after they moved into the property.

Ask For Past References

Not sure how your new tenants will treat your home? The best way to find out is by asking for past references. Make sure to include past references as part of your tenant screening process and rent with confidence.

Keep the Property Spotless

If your tenants move into a property that is dirty and broken, they are not going to feel inclined to look after it properly. That’s why you need to ensure that you keep the place spotless before they move in.

Let Them Know Your Expectations

Communication is key. You need to let tenants know what your expectations are and how you would like them to look after your property. Without any guidance, they may end up making some mistakes.

Book In an Inspection

It’s not in good manners to pop over unannounced, even if it is your own house. If you want to come and check up on your home, make sure to schedule a reasonable time with the tenants and let them know you’re planning an inspection.

Hire a Property Manager

Not everyone is up for the task of managing their rental properties. That’s why it’s never a bad idea to rid yourself of worries and hire a team like DelRentals property management in Etobicoke. 

Demand Renter’s Insurance

One of the easiest ways to bring peace of mind to the situation is by demanding renter’s insurance. If someone has damaged your property, you can easily cover the costs with a home insurance policy.

Keep on Top of Repairs

The best way to avoid any sort of major disaster is to keep on top of minor repairs. Make sure your tenants let you know when there's a leaky faucet or broken plank. This way you can get someone in to repair the home as soon as possible and keep everything in top shape.

Overall, it’s important to be clear with your communication and let your tenants know what your expectations are. Don’t be afraid to implement penalties for any damages or demand renter’s insurance to cover these costs. Landlords that maintain healthy relationships with their tenants will quickly realize how their properties are well-looked after and cared for. Make sure to document all your processes and keep good tenants satisfied with the level of your service.

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