How To Brighten A Dark Apartment

How To Brighten A Dark Apartment
by Tamara Rein - September 18, 2021

There are a lot of ways to make any space feel lighter and brighter. You could put up some lights, or maybe paint the walls in an exciting color! But what if you live in a rental apartment and are not allowed to paint? Well, we have got you covered. You can still brighten up a rental space without painting the walls. You can use methods like lightning, the usage of mirrors, wallpapers and light furniture, etc to brighten an apartment. The article below walks you through tips, on how to brighten a dark apartment. Stay tuned!

Tips To Brighten A Dark Apartment 

Follow the tips below and see how magically your dark apartment turns out to be a bright one: 

Tip 1: Light It Up

If you want your space to look brighter, the easiest way is by adding more light. Add as much of it! Light not only has a functional side but also sparks style and personality in all sorts of ways. It's important to light up an entire space and not just one area. Try using larger or more overhead lighting, followed by lamps for places where there may be extra emphasis on visibility at night-time.

Tip 2: Create Magic With Mirror

Mirrors are a great way to make any space feel more open, light-filled, and spacious. Placing mirrors opposite your windows will bounce the sunlight around in an interesting manner that adds dimension and interest onto walls much like how natural lighting does for interiors!

Tip 3: Play Around With Furniture

To create a welcoming atmosphere in your home, it's important to lighten up with lighter colors and materials. For example, dark furniture will just make the space seem darker and smaller- so opt for white or light gray items instead! Lighter shades also have their own perks - they allow more natural lighting into the room which makes you feel less confined within its boundaries

Tip 4: Consider Removing Wood Flooring

The ground in your room can make a big difference. If it's covered with dark wood, carpeting or rugs then you might be limiting the amount of light coming into that space and giving off an overall dull appearance for those who walk through as well! To brighten up these areas consider switching out some floor coverings to lighter ones instead.

Tip 5: Wipe Your Windows

Filthy air in big cities is common. It can cover all your windows with dust making it impossible for the natural light to barge in. Therefore, always clean your windows from time to time to let fresh air and light enter your room. 

Tip 6: Say No To Bright Wall Colors

A room's walls are one of the largest features in it. Their color can make a huge difference in how bright or dark everything feels, so don't forget to paint them using light colors! You might want to use wallpaper if you're not allowed by your landlord, but get creative and find temporary adhesive wall coverings like decals that will look great until then instead.

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