How To Become An Independent Real Estate Agent

How To Become An Independent Real Estate Agent
by Kevyn Pitts - November 17, 2021,

If you want to be an independent real estate agent, these steps will show you the important abilities and qualities you need to have.

Becoming a real estate agent is exciting, but it's not something that can be done in just one day.

To become a professional real estate agent, you must first get some training and certification. Then your province or territory will require that you pass their written exam for licensing before becoming fully qualified.

Take Flight

Real estate agents work within an established real estate agency, but some might prefer to be completely independent and provide their own services. This can vary depending on where you are living. For instance, one province may require them to have worked as part of a team before they're allowed become brokers themselves!

Keeping House

After you've met the regulatory standards and obtained a license to operate as an independent real estate agent, your next step is finding space for an office. Some people prefer working from their homes while others opt for commercial street addresses. However, opening up shop in public can provide better visibility with new customers who may inspire more confidence through professionalism

Advertise Your Services

There are so many ways to let people know what your business is. You'll have to evaluate which method suits your needs and which percentage of your budget and time you can set aside for them. For advertising your business, below are a few tips.

  • Publicity is a best way to become visible. Use web, newspapers, or leaflets deposited in mailboxes and at other businesses in your work area for traditional ways of getting coverage!
  • It is important to have a professional and clear output tone of voice for your postings on social media. You can use this as an opportunity to grow connections within the industry by expanding into new markets with posts about local businesses or services in those areas that you offer!
  • Like any other entrepreneur, take advantages of the networking events held by different business assosiations and organizations.
  • Do not underestimate the power of publicity by word-of-mouth. Announce to your acquaintances and friends that you're becoming a real estate agent, and make sure each client is pleased with your quality services!

Use Your Savings.

You'll need a few months' salaries and the capital to cover your start-up costs in order to make a commission. You won't be able to get paid until after you've been working for a while, so don't give up when it doesn't happen overnight!

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