Five Ways New Parents Can Instill Healthy Habits In Children

Five Ways New Parents Can Instill Healthy Habits In Children
by Kevyn Pitts - August 4, 2022

Parenthood can be a fantastic experience for couples. While it can be overwhelming at times, considering that nobody learns about raising children at college, it certainly provides a new perspective on life. 

When you become a parent, you are responsible for another life, and catering to your child's needs becomes your utmost priority.

Many couples take things as they come and learn their way through raising their children. 

They learn about the nutritional needs of their children and also their likes and dislikes as they grow up. Moreover, they learn to prioritize the needs of their children before theirs. The learning never ends.

There are times when the process feels overwhelming. This is especially true for young parents, particularly those with their jobs. 

While paternity and maternity leaves are a sigh of relief, balancing parenthood with work can be very taxing, and one may find it difficult to adjust to the new life. However, this, too, is a part of life.

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With that said, let's discuss ways to help you instill healthy habits in your children. 

1. Spend Time With Your Children

While you may have various priorities in life, your kids see you as their world. So, try to spend as much time as possible with them. 

This applies to both parents as each family member has a unique role to play in the upbringing of children. 

We understand that it be exhausting, and other responsibilities can also take a toll on you, but leaving your children in the care of a babysitter should always be the last option.

It would be best if you tried to manage your time to spend maximum time with your kids

Not only will you enjoy this yourself, but your kids will be happy to have you around. An added advantage to this is that you will be able to monitor their habits as well.

2. Eat Together

If both parents work, having each meal together may not be possible, but you should make it a point to have at least one meal together as a family. 

This helps you monitor your kids' eating habits and keeps you informed about their likes and dislikes regarding food.

Moreover, since they look up to you, you are responsible for leading by example. So, if you wish for your kids to eat healthy food, involve your children. 

They will mimic your patterns, especially regarding eating manners and portion sizes.

3. Minimize Junk Food

This is somewhat related to the previous point but needs to be discussed individually. 

Junk food is associated with childhood obesity, and it can pose issues to children's health. Therefore, you should minimize junk food in your home. Start with yourself first.

Prioritize home-cooked meals over ordering in, considering that you are sharing meals and your children will also eat what you are having. 

Also, consume food with the proper nutrients for your children's healthy development. By restricting junk food at home, not only will you be able to prevent children from developing a liking for it, but you too will stay healthy by minimizing its intake.

4. Encourage Outdoor Activities

While parents can be overly protective of their children, this should not prevent them from allowing their children to engage in outdoor activities. 

Considering how essential outdoor activities are for a child's development, one should encourage children to partake in them. This includes sports and other healthy activities.

You can play ball or other games with your kids in the yard to help them develop a liking for sports at a young age, so when they somewhat grow up, they enjoy physical activities and can fully explore their talents. 

However, if you are busy throughout the week, try to take your kids to the park or a play area every weekend to keep them engaged in fun activities. 

5. Teach Them Responsibilities

Teach your kids to be responsible from a very young age. This positively influences their life and can be the foundation of their personality. If your children are careless, you will have trouble dealing with them.

So, start with basic things such as having the kids pick up toys they have thrown here and there. 

You can also ask them to decide on their lunch or snacks to teach them to be responsible for the things they want. These steps can have a significant effect on their development.


The tips mentioned above can help you instill healthy habits in your children. Of course, there are many other ways of instilling good habits, but we decided to limit this article to five. 

You can continue your research to learn more. As we said at the beginning of this article, learning never stops.


  • Kevyn Pitts

    Kevyn was Rory's first protege and has proved himself worthy of his title as a real estate expert through his years of working in the company. He makes sure we get the latest real estate updates and shares his insight to our readers on which investments they should keep an eye on.

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