Creative Ideas For Baby Room Storage

Creative Ideas For Baby Room Storage
by Kevyn Pitts - August 31, 2022

The anticipation of having a baby is unlike any other emotion, but the thought of designing a nursery for your child may be overwhelming, especially if you have limited room. Whether you live in a small apartment, have more than one child, or simply don't know where to store your baby's belongings, these inventive storage ideas will help you manage your baby's nursery!

Use a Dresser as a Changing Table

Traditional changing tables are cumbersome and might take up an excessive amount of room in a nursery. One suggestion for infant room organizing is to substitute a dresser for the changing table. Simply place a changing pad on top of the dresser and use the drawers to store diapers, wipes, lotions, and baby clothing. It's a fantastic method to save room and still have the necessary stuff!

Try Handy Drawer Organizers

Utilizing drawer organizers in the dresser is a fantastic way to store baby clothing. They assist maximize space and making finding specific objects easier. As opposed to being dumped in a drawer at random, socks can be placed in one organizer, onesies in another, and so on.

File Fold Everything

Folding your baby's belongings into file folders is an additional brilliant storage technique for the nursery. Not only does this generate more space in drawers and storage baskets, but it also makes everything more visible. Utilize this folding technique on clothing, blankets, and even bibs!

Make Floating Shelves Your Friend

Floating wall shelves are lifesavers, especially for small baby rooms, because they allow you to store items vertically instead of taking up valuable floor space. Put diapers and wipes on these shelves, or transfer your baby's books and toys here!

Get Shelving with Clothing Hooks

Coats, bibs, and other baby accessories can be hung outside of the baby closet on shelves equipped with clothing hooks. Despite the fact that these shelves are normally intended for exhibition, they can nonetheless be utilized to store baby items that may not fit elsewhere.

Install Bookshelves on the Wall

Wall bookshelves are an additional storage option for your baby's room's walls. This enables you to display books without sacrificing valuable floor space with conventional bookcases. Additionally, it is much simpler to organize storytime books when you can see each one.

Add an Accordion Shelf for Odds & Ends

A simple storage solution for assorted baby goods that do not have a designated location is an accordion shelf. These uniquely formed shelves provide more space in your baby's nursery for displaying clothing, accessories, toys, and decor.

Create a DIY Pegboard

Wall-mounted pegboards are perfect for storing baby stuff! Personalize the board with pegs, hooks, and baskets, then modify as necessary. The board should be hung near the dresser or changing table to make diapers, wipes, and other baby items easily accessible.

Test Out an A-Shaped Floor Shelf

Try an A-shaped shelf if you wish to combine baby room design and storage! They are a contemporary alternative to classic bookcases and can accommodate storage baskets, toys, books, and other nursery accessories.

Store Blankets on a Ladder

Need the ideal location to store your baby's soft blankets? Use a ladder! Not only is this a great method to showcase blankets, but a ladder also takes up little room, allowing room for additional nursery furnishings like a rocking chair.

Choose Storage Baskets Wisely

Baby storage baskets are necessary for organizing a nursery. Although printed or brightly colored baskets are adorable, it may be difficult to find a use for them as your child grows older. Choose storage baskets that are easily adaptable to a child's room, a guest bedroom, or the living room. Neutral-colored baskets are ideal if you intend to reuse them as your child grows older.

Organize Small Items with Plastic Baskets

Small infant products, such as pacifiers, nail clippers, and lotions, are easy to misplace if not securely stowed. Small plastic baskets that fit inside drawers, on top of dressers, and on shelves are the most effective way to organize these objects. Thus, you can locate what you need without difficulty!

Prepare a Caddy for Emergency Supplies

You never know when or where your infant will want a diaper change or fresh outfit. Having a caddy at multiple locations throughout the house, besides the baby's room, can allow you to swiftly change your child in the event of a blowout or vomit.

Choose a Toy Storage Bag

Looking for nursery toy storage suggestions? Obtain a folding toy bag! These have grown in popularity and are a terrific way to store baby toys. Additionally, they can be folded and stowed anywhere, making playtime cleanup simple.

Design a Rolling Diaper Station

Do you have a little dresser or change table? Roll your diapers to storage! Rolling storage carts are compact and ideal for storing diapers, baby wipes, and other changing supplies. And the best part about a rolling cart is that it can be moved throughout your home or baby's room!

Put Extra Hardware in the Baby Closet

You may set up the closet in your baby's room to maintain cleanliness and order with careful planning! Consider adding more hanging rods or storage to keep things organized without appearing cluttered and to make it much easier to locate baby clothes and accessories.

Hang Multiple Items on One Hanger

Baby clothes do not take up much room, and you can frequently hang many items on a single hanger. This is a terrific trick for arranging and storing all of your baby's clothing without making the closet appear cluttered, especially if your nursery closet is small.

Stay Organized with Closet Dividers

As a result of your child's rapid growth, you will go through clothing quite quickly. Using Closet Dividers can make storing baby things and staying organized easier. Organize your child's clothing by size so you know exactly what to grab while dressing your child for the day.

Utilize Storage Spaces Outside the Baby Room

When planning your baby's room, keep in mind that not everything must fit. If you have spare space in your living room, laundry room, or hallway, consider storing baby toys or seldom-used items there.

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