Colorful Home Inspiration: 27 Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Home

Colorful Home Inspiration: 27 Fun Ways to Add Color to Your Home
by Kevyn Pitts - August 6, 2022

Want to add extra color to your home? Adding color to your interior design is an excellent method to give your home a fresh, updated appearance. Here are 27 colorful home design ideas, ranging from cool wall color schemes to decorating with vibrant accents.

Try a New Color Scheme

One of the simplest ways to add color to your home is by painting the walls and selecting new home furnishings in a complementary color palette! If you're looking for a palette to work with, you can utilize color palette generators or create your own based on the color wheel!

Choose Jewel Tone

Popular in Bohemian-style interior design, jewel tones are an excellent way to incorporate rich, deep hues into your house. To achieve a jewel-toned aesthetic with your interior design, consider incorporating deep blues, dark purples, emerald greens, or burnt oranges to bring a splash of color to your room.

Use Pastel Colors

If you want your home to be vibrant and breezy, experiment with pastel colors. Consider utilizing a combination of paint colors and lighter-colored furniture to generate a dreamy, airy appearance. If you want to ease into a colorful home or go for a cottage core look, pastels are a great option!

Mix Patterns

Take inspiration from design trends such as maximalism and employ many patterns to add color! Don't be afraid to experiment with contrasting patterns to add visual interest to your room. Curtains, pillows, rugs, beds, and wall art are simple places to start when adding patterns to a room.

Try Out Mural Painting

Are you considering experimenting with paint colors? A mural painted on the wall is one method to make a vivid statement! You can contrast neutrals with plain bright colors, or you can be creative with a lively pattern. Always choose a design that complements the atmosphere of your room.

Put Color on the Ceiling

Adding color to the ceiling is another method for establishing the mood of a space. If you wish to add drama and depth, choose a darker hue, such as hunter green or navy blue. Or, if you want to create a place that is more open and energizing, pick a lighter color like pastel pink or orange!

Choose a Vibrant Wallpaper

Make a statement with eclectic wallpaper in your home! This is an easy approach to incorporating multiple colors simultaneously. Depending on the desired aesthetic, you can search for patterns with small motifs or go for a larger pattern. Wallpaper is an excellent method to add texture to a room!

Renovate Your Doors

Refresh your home's doors by painting them! Want the space to exude positive energy? Use a cheerful yellow or orange hue when painting. Attempting to acquire a boho style? Try a dusty pink or sage green. Or perhaps you're trying for a more conventional appearance. A strong red is always fashionable.

Paint the Molding

Moldings such as baseboards, door frames, wall trim, and other moldings are sometimes disregarded when it comes to adding color to a home, but they are fantastic places to add vibrancy! Consider painting your molding the same color as your walls and doors for a rich look if you're going all out with color. Or use contrasting colors to add little splashes of color to the space.

Consider Your Flooring

Don't forget the flooring when searching for methods to add color to your home! You have several options, such as anchoring the room with a solid hue or painting a tile-like pattern on your floor. Install a bold-colored carpet or patterned linoleum if you want something altogether different.

Add Striking Tile

Numerous parts of the home, including kitchen backsplashes, bathroom floors, and showers, are suitable for tile installation. There are numerous tile types, shapes, and patterns that can be used to provide splashes of color. Consider using colorful subway tiles or even Moroccan mosaic tiles!

Include Colorful Seating

Improve your home's seating with colorful sofas and chairs! After deciding on a color scheme, try to select furniture that complements it. You may even reupholster existing furniture as a simple do-it-yourself job! Yellow mustard, hot pink, and turquoise are some popular color suggestions to get you started.

Customize Your Furniture

Feel like testing out your DIY skills? Customize a piece of furniture in your home by painting it. You can choose a bright solid hue or experiment with geometric shapes and ombre effects. No matter how you select to paint your furniture, it will be given a vivid new lease on life!

Get Colorful Appliances

Maintain the kitchen's color scheme with the appliances! You may make a significant difference by exchanging your plain refrigerator or stove for one with a colorful or patterned exterior. Or add subtle color with smaller items such as a colored toaster or coffeemaker!

Renovate Your Kitchen Cupboards

Give your kitchen a facelift by repainting the kitchen cabinets. Use a sunny yellow or sage green to brighten your space. Or, for a more dramatic appearance, choose navy or deep purple. If you are having difficulty deciding on a single color, you may even try a two-toned style!

Display Your Kitchenware

Showcase your colorful glasses and kitchen appliances! This is a simple technique to add color using stuff you already possess. You can showcase your kitchenware on shelves and countertops, or you can remove the cabinet doors to create an open kitchen!

Select Bright Bedding

The bedroom is a great place to add a splash of color! You can go for simplicity with a solid-colored bedspread or go big with a floral or rainbow pattern. You can also maintain cohesion by selecting items that complement your bedroom's paint hues!

Change the Staircase

Want to try something unconventional? Paint your staircase! Choose a monochrome appearance with varying hues of the same color, alternating the colors of the rainbow, or create a bespoke pattern! If you want to experiment with something nonpermanent, use contact paper to create a tile-like appearance!

Hang Vibrant Wall Art

Wall art is an ideal colorful home décor idea that can simply add individuality to your home! Whether it's a music poster, custom print, framed portrait, or a collection of art on a gallery wall, curate vibrant items that complement the color scheme of the rest of your home!

Enhance Windows

Drapes and blinds are an easy way to add personality to your home. Reds and oranges may energize a place and give it a contemporary appearance, whilst blue tones are commonly utilized for peaceful and restful spaces. If you don't want solid-colored curtains, sheer curtains with printed patterns or tie-dyed sheers are great options!

Lay Down an Area Rug

Area rugs are a simple method for adding color and anchoring spaces. There are countless alternatives available for carpets, ranging from solid colors to vivid patterns. Consider selecting a rug with an accent hue that complements the primary color scheme of the area so as to unify the space. And don't be scared to buy carpets with mismatched designs to add an unconventional touch to your decor!

Use Colorful Throw Pillows

Whether your sofa in the living room is neutral or colorful, you may make it stand out more by adding decorative throw cushions. Utilize a variety of pillows with varying tones, textures, and patterns to create a room that reflects your individual flair!

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