Choosing the Right Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser for Your School

Choosing the Right Soap and Sanitizer Dispenser for Your School
by Kevyn Pitts - July 6, 2022

Ever since the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic, how we perceive personal hygiene has never remained the same. Before now, it was merely a thing of convenience for most people. But we can now see how to practice as seemingly trivial as regular hand washing can impact our health. In fact, regular hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of diseases, according to the CDC.

Just as we must imbibe sanitation in the workplace, it's even more important within the school premises.

Why accessible hand sanitizers must be prioritized in schools

Schools are typically highly populated, and there's so much physical contact among classmates and staff, facilitating the spread of diseases.

Students typically spend a lot of time in shared spaces like classrooms, cafeterias, recreational areas, and restrooms. Sadly, most of them only wash their hands after using the restroom.

Unfortunately, that's not enough. It becomes necessary to place a commercial soap dispenser in every high-traffic area to reinforce handwashing practices throughout the facility. Easily accessible soap and sanitizer dispensers make it convenient for students and staff to keep their hands clean and reduce the spread of germs.

But with so many dispenser models available, how do you select the right one for your campus?

Critical considerations for selecting the right dispenser for your school

1. Placement area

When choosing a commercial soap or sanitizer dispenser, the first thing to consider is where you intend to place it. Of course, they must be placed in multiple areas, including restrooms, cafeterias, classrooms, etc., so the type will differ in each case.

For example, a wall-mounted dispenser would work best in smaller spaces like restrooms. On the other hand, in a cafeteria or classroom entrance, a freestanding one wouldn't be a bad idea.

Hands-free ones, although more expensive, are more time-efficient. So if you can afford it, getting hands-free soap and sanitizer dispensers in visible areas will encourage students and staff to quickly kill germs on their hands.

2. Age group

You also want to consider the age bracket of the school in question. As you may well know, younger children may not always be as careful as adults and may damage facilities more frequently. So, For elementary school and junior high, consider using more Stainless Steel dispensers as they are more durable and resistant to vandalization.

Plastic dispensers are much less expensive and would be more suitable for staff areas, high schools, and colleges.

3. Foot traffic

Foot traffic is a critical consideration when selecting a suitable sanitizer dispenser. Areas with many people flocking through daily will require a higher capacity and more durable model.

A higher capacity dispenser will dish out more dispenses per refill. If a large-sized dispenser isn't stylish enough or fitting to the space, you can get a sleeker high-capacity model instead.

4. Refill requirements

Empty or out-of-service dispensers can nullify your hygiene campaign. So you want to ensure whatever soap and sanitizer dispensers you choose will be suitable for the maintenance schedule you have in place.

For example, if maintenance and refill can be executed frequently, you can procure lower capacity dispensers with peace of mind that they won't run out and stay that way for long.

Wrapping up

In addition to promoting hygiene among your staff and students, installing soap and sanitizer dispensers will make your institution appear more sophisticated. So it's a win-win on all counts. Hopefully, the above-mentioned considerations will make obtaining suitable dispensers less of a dilemma.

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