Best Social Media Marketing Advice For Real Estate Businesses

Best Social Media Marketing Advice For Real Estate Businesses
by John Carlucci - July 25, 2022

The real estate domain is competitive, and creating a compelling presence for your business takes a lot of work. You cannot rely only on traditional forms of marketing such as print ads, billboards, and customer referrals. Digital outreach is the key to making your brand visible and memorable. A business website gives you a good start, but social media marketing can fuel your business beyond your imagination. However, you must take a strategic approach to create a viable strategy for greater outreach, long-term trust, and brand awareness. Let us share some valuable social media marketing advice for real estate businesses.

Be Authentic

Although hiring a writer to create compelling posts seems like a great idea, it may not actually help. Consider creating your posts yourself to bring authenticity with a real sense of who you are. Authentic interactions breed personal connection, which is valuable in investment-intensive domains like real estate. You cannot expect the followers to convert until they trust you. You can leverage genuine interactions to build and retain it for the long haul.  

Focus on Education

Selling is the last thing you should try doing on social media because these channels are not meant to sell. Focus on educating potential buyers by posting informative content about buying and assessing properties. You can even promote your blog posts on these channels to provide in-depth information. It is a subtle way to drive followers to your blog and website and show that you are a subject matter expert.

Drive Engagement and Loyalty

Social media platforms also make a great way to drive engagement and loyalty for your real estate business. Chat with customers, be ready to respond to feedback, and take negative comments in stride. Besides conversations, bio links also serve as valuable tools to bring followers to your website. Novice business owners have questions such as how to manage my link even with minimal knowledge. The good thing is that you can use a tool to create a bio link and customize it for quick outreach, better engagement, and long-term loyalty. 

Leverage Video Content

Online videos can go a long way in making your social campaigns more effective. Remember that your audience wants visual proof of your brand's presence, services, and offerings. You can create video stories around your services, happy customers, and properties on offer and post them on social media platforms. Videos create a strong emotional connection and enhance the credibility of your business. 

Get Creative with Surveys and Feedback

The last thing you should do is to talk to yourself as a post, photo, image, or link might look nice to you, but not resonate with your followers. As a rule, social media is more about listening than talking. You can leverage the platform to organize surveys and polls to engage the audience and gather feedback. Use the insights to learn more about the interests of your customers and fine-tune your campaigns accordingly. 

Social media marketing can be a game-changer for real estate businesses, provided you do it right. Following these tips is enough to get on the right side of the game and create a winning presence.

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