Assetz Earth and Essence - Row Houses Connected to Nature in Bangalore

by Jerome Foster - March 18, 2022

It's no secret that while searching for an apartment, a good location is always at the forefront of your thoughts. Unfortunately, if your apartment is in a high-risk or crowded neighborhood, it will be of little use to you. The Assetz Earth and Essence residential complex is a part of the Assetz Earth & Essence development. They are located in an emerging area of Northern Bangalore that acts as a hub for all of the city's top-notch facilities and services. In addition, it is just a few minutes drive from the Bangalore International Airport, which lies off the Bangalore International Airport Road, ensuring a good connection. The premium low-rise residential apartments are separated into phases, as shown in the diagram below.

Assetz Earth and Essence Developer Reputation 

Assetz Property Group's reputation has established itself as one of India's most famous real estate developers ever since its inception. Assetz Property Group, founded in 2006, is a leader in land development in Bangalore, India, among other cities. They are the pioneer of multinational masters in India, having completed more than 10 million square feet of construction ahead of schedule. A multi-faceted land change and resource association partnership with four business verticals: commercial, residential, warehousing, and fund management – Assetz, with its headquarters in Singapore, is a multi-faceted land change and resource association relationship.

The Location of  Assetz Earth & Essence

Due to its central position in Hosahalli, the Assetz earth and essence location is such a hotspot that you can stroll to all of your essentials such as retail complexes, supermarkets, schools, and workplaces without having to take the annoying lengthy commute home from work or college. There is also a metro station near assetz earth and essence. The area is excellent for those looking for attractive and peaceful settings to relax in.

Complimentary Luxury Assetz Earth and Essence Amenities

The luxurious apartments at Assetz earth & essence are equipped with a variety of premium amenities in assetz earth and essence, which should come as no surprise given the building's location. The ideal apartment offers precisely the correct number of amenities without being overly expensive in terms of price. Extras should not be a significant consideration when selecting an apartment, but they should be considered nevertheless.

Assetz Earth and Essence is aware of this and offers several services to make your stay as comfortable as is reasonably feasible. There are many hospitals near assetz earth and essence. Assetz Earth and Essence provides a variety of amenities, some of which are as follows:

  • The flats include a beautiful and usable pool where you can relax after a long day at work or a hectic weekend. 
  • They also have a well-equipped gym where you can do your daily workouts and blow off steam. 
  • They also have a tennis court for those who like to play tennis.
  • With a slew of row homes and luxury villas planned to debut soon, the area is excellent for those seeking scenic and serene surroundings. 
  • Even in an urbanised setting, there is still enough calm and relaxation to go around, and there are many schools near assetz earth and essence. 

Price of Assetz Earth & Essence

The cost of a three- or four-bedroom row house is projected to range between 2.5 and 3.5 crores. The cost of a 2-3 BHK apartment ranges between Rs 80 lakhs to Rs 1.18 crore. The price for Assetz Earth & Essence is more than reasonable when you consider all of the available services, facilities, and benefits.


In Northern Bangalore, the Assetz Earth & Essence buildings are an emerging area known for their abundance of top-notch facilities and services, making them an excellent choice for today's modern-day living conditions. You may visit NoBroker.in to find more details about Assetz Earth and Essence development projects.


  • Jerome has worked for an international real estate magazine in the past before joining Prudentialcal. He now spearheads our team of writers and ensures the quality of content we produce weekly.

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