8 Benefits of changing your interior space with virtual home staging services

8 Benefits of changing your interior space with virtual home staging services
by John Carlucci - December 7, 2022,

For most people, entering an empty space is like being faced with a blank page: they get flustered and don't know how to proceed. Interior designers and architects are brilliant at seeing the potential of a space, but most people are not able to do that with success. That is where virtual staging comes in.

Virtual staging uses virtual staging services to change the interior space of a home to look its best, so it will appeal to buyers. In other words, virtual staging companies redecorate an interior space by changing aspects like floor, wall, and window treatments and adjusting the décor in general by adding or taking away furniture, plants, ornaments, pictures, and wall hangings.

Technology has made it possible to use computer software as a cost-effective way to achieve these changes, with no need to actually repaint walls or change any furniture.

It's tremendously beneficial for homeowners to consider virtual home staging when selling their property.

Benefits of virtual home staging

1.   Sell your home for more and faster

Virtual home staging companies can create highly realistic images of a given space, allowing homeowners to present their homes for sale in the best possible light. This tactic leads to homes selling 88% faster and for 20% more than the asking price.

The fact is, a beautifully furnished space captures the emotions, being more appealing than an empty space.

2.   Help you sell potential

The images that virtual home staging companies create can help you showcase the full potential and intended use of every room in your house. When potential buyers walk into a physical space, they see how it is currently being used and that might put them off buying the property. However, through home staging services, you can show them how the space can be used for other purposes, which might appeal to them and inspire them to buy the property.

3.   More convenient for sellers

Virtual staging doesn't disrupt the day-to-day lives of sellers. Virtual staging doesn't involve any physical work, so you won't have to deal with people removing furniture, painting walls, and intruding on your privacy. In addition, potential buyers can view multiple style options for your property without having to visit the property in person.

4.   More affordable than traditional home staging

Physical home staging can be quite expensive. Depending on various factors like location, type, and size of the property, the number of rooms the cost can range from $2,000 to $2,400 per month and go up to $10,000. Virtual staging is much cheaper, costing around $100 per image of a virtually staged home. In fact, the fees can be as low as $29 per photo.

5.   Increased flexibility

Virtual staging is much more flexible than physical staging. With physical staging, workers spend hours creating one interior design style. With virtual staging, the best virtual staging services can create multiple images showing different design styles to appeal to different types of buyers.

6.   Outstanding marketing tool

Virtual home staging services act as a visual marketing tool. Visual marketing has been shown to be very effective. Online content that includes visuals is more attention-grabbing and inspiring than text. The images created by virtual staging companies create a professional and appealing online presence for your home.

7.   Make renovations easier

Virtual home staging services are very useful for homeowners planning renovations. They can experiment with different color schemes before spending any money on wall or floor treatments.  Virtual staging companies can help homeowners test multiple scenarios to find the best possible use and design solutions for every room that's being renovated.

8.   Avoid expensive interior design choices

It is very common to be convinced that a color or piece of furniture will work in your home, especially if you have seen it looking great somewhere else. Many homeowners regret design choices they have made in the past.

With virtual home staging, homeowners can prevent the risk of making design choices that they will regret later like colors that don't work, or rooms that are too small for the furniture that has been bought.

Final thoughts

Virtual home staging services are of great benefit for homeowners. Whether you want to sell your home, renovate it, or just redecorate it, virtual home staging services can save you a lot of time and money.

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