5 Types of Mortgage Loans You Should Know About

5 Types of Mortgage Loans You Should Know About
by John Carlucci - March 19, 2022,

The most appealing and favored loans people try are mortgage loans. These come with low-interest rates, and banks offer varieties to the people. Typically, banks provide for these loans. There are several advantages to all kinds of mortgage loans available. Liberty Bank mn delivers mortgage loans to help you with the home loan process. 

Various Kinds Of Mortgage Loans 

1. 15 Year Fixed Mortgage Loan

In this mortgage loan, the interest remains fixed for 15 years. It doesn't change at all. This kind of loan is often used for refinancing purposes. Further, the claim is made for the rest of the loan. Again, there is no change in the interest at all. The interest rate is lower than all other kinds of long-term loans. However, it leads to higher monthly payments than other mortgage loans. 

It's best for the refinancers that want to build equity and pay off the loans faster. The payments are pretty predictable for 15 years, and it doesn't change. 

2. 30 years Fixed Mortgage Loan

It is the home loan set for the entire 30 years duration. It is similar to the 15-year loan, but the years are more in this. Further, this is the most famous home loan you will come across. It comes with lower monthly payments. It's best for the home buyers that come with lower monthly payments. The fixed-rate makes it easy to make the costs predictable. A 30-year loan is easier to pay off by adding the same to the monthly payments. 

3. Adjustable Mortgage loan

This is a kind of loan that is fixed for a certain period. Later, the adjustment happens periodically. The teaser rate is lower in the initial stages. The monthly payments are deficient, making it easier for people to pay. Peterson Funding provides this sort of loan for the betterment of people. 

The initial rates are locked in periods like 5 or 10 years. So it's best for the buyers who don't want a mortgage for a long time. 

4. Jumbo Mortgage

These are the mortgages that are above specific dollars. They vary according to country and need to be adjusted. These can have either fixed or variable rates. Additionally, you will require a credit score of more than 700 to avail of the same. The down payment is usually 10% or more. 

The buyers planning to buy expensive homes can go with jumbo mortgages. Those who want to refinance can also think of the same. 

5. Interest Only Mortgage Loans

The payments are to be made only on the lender's charge of this kind. The balance or loan is not lowered during the interest repayment period. It's best for the buyers who don't plan to stay in the same house for the long term. It's best for the borrowers with huge cash savings varying from month to month. Those who receive bonuses can use the same towards payment of the principal amount. 


These are the best kinds of mortgage loans available. Select the one best fitted to your plan. 

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