5 Secrets to Success Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About

5 Secrets to Success Every Real Estate Agent Should Know About
by Tamara Rein - March 22, 2022,

Your success as a real estate agent will mostly depend on your goals and whether or not you were able to achieve them. For some agents, success is being the top broker of a firm, while others define success through the number of deals that they were able to close. Whatever the case, getting to that point will require a lot of experience while learning some helpful tricks of the trade. 

Below are five secrets you should know about as a real estate agent to become successful in your career. 

Use Software and Tools to Get the Job Done More Efficiently

From computer programs to social media, there are many tools at your disposal that can help you do your job as a real estate agent. Computer software nowadays can help you schedule your showings and plan your timetable. You can click here if you’re looking for software that can do all these things and more. 

Aside from using software for showings, you can also use email marketing service providers to help you build your customer relations. These providers can help you with email campaigns for your clients. These email campaigns can be for new listings, showing schedules, or even birthday greetings. Birthday greeting campaigns are especially helpful in building your bond with your clients, as these campaigns are more personal. 

You should also create a professional social media account to help you attract more clients and promote your listings creatively. For example, you can show possible clients how they can utilize the rooms and spaces of a potential home by using short-form videos. Social media can also help you build a bond and foster trust with potential clients as you interact with your followers. 

Take Advantage of What Your Firm Has to Offer

When you start as a real estate agent, you might end up working with a well-known firm, a senior broker, and a team of colleagues. These three things are things you can use to your advantage. 

A well-established real estate firm will already have built a reputation for itself before hiring you. Aside from its reputation, you will be tasked with representing the firm at all times while upholding its mission and vision. Use this image and the firm's reputation to gain the trust of potential clients, as well as build a bond with existing clients of the firm. 

When you start working in a brokerage, you will likely get assigned to a real estate broker who will become your mentor. Shadow them and observe what they do when they bring you to their showings and client meetings. Doing so will broaden your experience and give some insight into solving similar problems you’ll encounter when you go out on your own. 

Aside from working closely with your mentor, you can also broaden your horizons by working with a team. A team of real estate agents will have different perspectives and experiences, which you can learn from by simply listening to their stories or asking them for help. They can also give you fresh ideas that older, more seasoned brokers won’t necessarily have, especially when it comes to using real estate software or social media platforms.   

Avoid the “Pushy Agent” Stereotype

You might be tempted to be an agent who always tries to hard-sell their properties because this is what gets you the most profit. But a pushy agent can sometimes end up turning away more clients due to this type of approach. 

Try to think of yourself as a consultant instead of a salesperson. This method allows you to be more accommodating towards your client and less “pushy” when selling a property. For example, instead of immediately going into detail about what the property has to offer, you can ask your client what they’re looking for in a home, and then you can segue into how your listing fits their needs. 

You should also try not to seem desperate to get them as a client. The less desperate you seem, the more capable and experienced you appear to your clients, which can help you gain their trust. You can appear less desperate by allowing them to schedule your meetings and establishing when and how often to contact you. This method also gives your clients the impression that they’re in control, but you’ll be there when they need you to answer any questions or concerns. 

Promote Yourself through Different Connections

As a real estate agent, you’ll most likely have come across different people. Previous clients can have friends or family members who might be looking to buy or sell properties, and they might end up referring these people to you. If the business deal between you and your client was successful, their friends or family will be predisposed to choosing you as an agent. 

Aside from previous clients, you will have worked with vendors such as contractors, inspectors, attorneys, and more. You can generate additional business opportunities from them every time you buy or sell a property. You can also ask these people if they know someone looking to buy or sell a property. Whether or not they know someone, leave a card or contact number so these vendors can refer you when someone they know ends up becoming interested in the future.

Never Stop Learning and Growing by Picking up Additional Skills

Your skills as a real estate agent shouldn’t be limited to selling and buying properties. Aside from gaining a deeper understanding of home selling options such as FL short sales or auctions, learn new skills and sharpen old ones to help you promote yourself and generate leads, such as copywriting to write about home descriptions that can entice buyers. These skills will also help you if you’re managing a professional social media account. 

Studying the market of your industry is also incredibly important. Doing so can help you understand how property values can be affected by the economy, industry, and community. This kind of knowledge can help you predict outcomes or avoid possible problems in the market, ensuring you a long-lasting career.

Being a successful real estate agent requires hard work and perseverance. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t use tips and tricks to your advantage. While the five secrets discussed above aren't exactly cheat codes to success, these secrets are guaranteed to help you make a name for yourself as a real estate agent.

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