5 Places To Inspect Before Putting Your Home Up For Sale

5 Places To Inspect Before Putting Your Home Up For Sale
by John Carlucci - September 29, 2022

The process of selling your home can be stressful. There are many details to keep track of and things that can go wrong. It's easy to overlook something and end up with a much smaller sale price than you're hoping for, or even no sale. Fortunately, you can do some simple things before putting your home on the market to ensure that it will sell as quickly and for as much money as possible.

Taking the time to inspect your home from top to bottom before putting it on the market is one of the easiest ways to boost the value and cut the costs of selling it later. Here are five places you need to inspect before putting your home up for sale.

1. Check the Foundation 

Before buying a home, an inspector should always thoroughly inspect the foundation. Now that you're selling the house, you should do the same. Using a measuring tape, make sure your home's foundation is the correct size.

If you see cracks or other signs of movement in the foundation, these are warning signs that you should investigate further. If your home's foundation has cracks or movement has occurred, you will almost certainly have to have it repaired before you can sell the home.

While this can certainly get done, it will add to the cost of selling the house and delay the sale. A foundation repair can cost several thousand dollars, so it's best to make sure everything is in working order before you try to sell the house.

2. Inspect the Roof

The roof of your home is one of the most essential parts of the house structure. It protects the interior from the elements, as well as from any potential damage caused by wildlife. Your potential buyers will certainly notice if it's not in good shape.

You can examine the roof for several common issues that can lower the value of your property. While you're up there, also check for loose or missing shingles.

A missing shingle is an obvious issue that can get easily repaired before putting the home on the market. If you notice any signs of mold or mildew, this problem has to get addressed before selling. Mold can easily spread to the inside of your home, causing damage that will have to be repaired before the house gets sold.

3. Crawl Spaces

Crawl spaces are one of the most overlooked areas when inspecting a home for sale. It is unfortunate since a problem in a crawl space could easily cost thousands to repair. It's impossible to see the condition of the walls or floor unless you crawl inside and take a look.

It would help if you got a crawl space inspection before putting the house on the market. Crawl spaces are prone to pests, rot, and flooding. If you notice any signs of these issues, If the walls are rotted, they will have to be replaced, which is an expensive repair but necessary.

4. Test Your Plumbing

The condition of the plumbing in your home will significantly impact the sale price. A quick test of the faucets and toilets will reveal any problems that need to get addressed before the house goes up for sale. If you notice any issues, you should have them taken care of as soon as possible.

While you're at it, make sure that you have working water shut-off valves on all plumbing. Any issues with your water shut-off valves may result in a bigger problem that costs a lot more money to take care of.

5. Confirm the Current Condition of Your Paint Job

This one is an easy one to check. With a quick look at the outside of your house, you can determine the current condition of the paint job. A fresh paint job can add thousands to the value of your house. If the paint looks faded or has chips or patches, this is something that can get easily and inexpensively resolved before putting the house on the market.

Bottom Line

It's easy to overlook minor details when preparing your home for sale. Spending some time doing a thorough inspection of your house will help you to avoid costly mistakes and allow you to put your home on the market as quickly as possible.

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