5 Benefits of Proper Water Drainage on a Commercial Property

August 23, 2022

There are many responsibilities that come with owning a commercial property. As you check off all the necessities, make sure to include on your list of priorities a good drainage system for the grounds. It is easy to be consumed by all the details that go into making the standing edifice, but the surrounding environment is just as important when setting your commercial property up.

There are various benefits to having a drainage system for your commercial property. Using a good trench drain system will remove excess water, help prevent water damage, and deter the impact of water on any work that needs to be done on the property. Let’s take a look at the 5 benefits of having a proper water drainage system on a commercial property.

Support the Foundation and Structural Soundness of Any Buildings

Did you know that if you do not have a good drainage system around your property, you risk the structural integrity of anything you build or maintain on the property? That’s right. A property without a solid foundation will fall. This will lead to other risk factors and unforeseen costs that are undesired.

A major factor in unraveling a property’s foundation is water. Water can cause a lot of damage. Sometimes water damage is not instantly seen, but gradually makes its presence known. 

Water damage can create instant risk factors such as landslides or mudslides. Water damage that gradually sets in can cause cracks and structural damage to the foundation of the edifice causing it to be unusable. A property may gather cracks in the walls here and there while settling, but if the cracks become excessive, you may want to check the foundation.

Damage to a property’s foundation creates a situation of high risk because it’s not always readily noticeable like damage to walls, floors, and ceilings. Having a drainage system can help you avoid this risk and maintain the structural integrity of your property.

Prevent Negative Environmental Impact

Prevent Negative Environmental Impact

When water is left to not drain or drained improperly, various environmental factors can occur as a result, such as standing water and soil erosion. As mentioned previously, water damage can undermine your property’s structural soundness. Standing water can seep in and undo the foundation.

Standing water can also become a breeding ground for undesired pests and wildlife like mosquitoes, water spiders, and frogs that will risk the safety of anyone using the property. Standing water or water that has seeped into cracks in the building, like basement walls, can attract animals like snakes.

Soil erosion can shift your soil out of place, messing up landscaping, but also disrupting soil depth creating future landscaping problems. It may become challenging or impossible to create an environment in which plants can flourish on the grounds.

Maintain Safety and Wellness

Water can create multiple health and safety risks when not being drained properly. This makes having a good drainage system important for hygiene and health. Undrained water can create environments for water contamination, bacteria, and more, leading to disease and other health risks.

There are many things that are not evident to the naked human eye. A lot of those include the development of harmful viruses, bacteria, and fungi. A secret enemy in buildings is mold. Excess water creates a perfect breeding ground for it. A drainage system will prevent the accumulation of moisture that leads to the growth of mold, mildew, and dust mites.

In addition to health risks, accumulating or standing water can create danger zones on your property. These zones create fall risks. For example, someone could visit and not notice a puddle or underestimate how deep the puddle is and slip and fall. Water can also be tracked from outside, forming more areas of opportunity for fall risks. It’s also just unseemly.

Conserve Energy

If you are concerned about monitoring costs, proper drainage is also a necessity. Your energy bill may go up if you are not properly draining the water on your property. Having a good drainage system can help conserve energy and, as a result, save on energy costs. An opportunity to lower your expenses is a good thing.

Water accumulation can have your commercial systems working harder than usual, hiking up your costs. Further, more costs can be added on when additional expenses are needed to fix damages done to machines and structures by water. 

Protect the Grounds

When you drive up to your commercial property, you see your building and your grounds. Both can become a sore spot when you don’t have a good drainage system and your grounds you might notice first. Installing a good drainage system will help you protect your grounds’ landscaping and save money.

Landscaping work can be expensive and it would be a shame to have it all washed away by flooding water or entirely rearranged from soil erosion and slides. You want to keep a healthy landscape. Previously, some of the negative environmental impacts were mentioned. These, too, will affect the state of your grounds.

Having standing water in your yard can damage the foliage, drown the plant life, and make it for anything to grow. This will be compounded by the attraction and breeding of bacteria, disease, and pests. Soil erosion can completely upset the state of your landscape, creating dry patches and moving around different areas of your yard.

Prevent Negative Environmental Impact

A good drainage system is one of the hidden elements of a commercial property that is essential to making it functional. It is a small practical operation that leaves a big impact. Drainage systems work to remove excess water and prevent flooding. It contributes to conserving energy, health and safety, landscape protection, and the structural security of your property’s foundation.

Just like with most commercial property tools and resources, there are different kinds of drainage systems that can best be used for your property. The varying types of systems are constructed differently with specific functions. While some can be done by hand, hiring a professional to install a proper water drainage system on your commercial property ensures to accuracy and functionality of the installation.

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