4 Smart Products for Home Safety

4 Smart Products for Home Safety
by Jerome Foster - February 14, 2023

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about home safety? Video intercoms? Cameras? Alarm systems? All the correct devices you would need to make your home more secure. But what if we tell you there’s more devices – smart ones actually, that you can install in your homes for safety measures. Easily available and also affordable, with a great technology behind them.

Surely you must have heard of or seen some Smart Home devices around you. Those automatic lights that work with sensors in universities or in office hallways, watching the security camera footage from your personal devices, or calling out to Alexa to play your music playlist. These are all smart devices which are now available for domestic use as well; that means there are certain Smart Home products that can be used for home security purposes too. 

Here are 4 Smart Home devices that can be installed to automate homes and also serve as a great security source.

1. Smart Cameras

Surveillance cameras are the go-to for anybody when it comes to security. Malls, hospitals, factories, and even domestic households install security cameras for safety purposes. However, Smart Cameras are the advanced version of the standard surveillance system thanks to the progression of technology over the years. 

These cameras are smaller in size but provide coverage of a wider angle, in HD quality and colored video footage. The cameras come in wireless and wired versions, allowing you to place them anywhere, including discreet corners of the house. Many of these support two-way audio making it super easy for people to communicate from both ends of the camera. Some Smart Cameras also feature night vision and motion detection. But the greatest thing about these particular devices is that the video footage of these cameras are accessible through mobile applications that can be downloaded onto your smartphones, tablets and laptops – making it convenient for you to have access to your cameras at all times and from literally anywhere. 

2. Video Doorbells

A video intercom was the biggest hit back when it was introduced to the markets. You could answer the door and see who was outside. Smart Video Doorbells however, are like the advanced versions of these video intercoms. 

Unlike having a telephone resembling device mounted on the wall inside the house with an intercom installed at the door, Smart Video doorbells come in small, sleek designs that are mounted at the door or gate, and the ‘doorbell’ is answered from the palm of our hands i.e. smartphones, tablets and any other compatible smart device. That means with the supporting mobile application downloaded onto your devices, you can answer the door and watch the video footage from wherever you are – if you’re upstairs in bed, out at the grocery store, and even if you’re across the country. 

It’s the coolest device to have. Some also feature real time alerts that are sent to your mobile devices if the Smart Video Doorbell senses anything within its set parameter – and the doorbell doesn’t even have to have been rung for that! Perfect for security right?

3. Smoke Detectors

Smoke Detectors are as important to install as a light is in the house. They alert us to any potential smoke or gas leak within the premises, which would otherwise cause harm if not brought attention to. So in a way Smoke Detectors are great devices for the safety of our homes. 

Smart Smoke Detectors such as the likes of the Google Nest Protect for instance, are battery powered, wireless smoke detectors that can be easily installed in your home. These devices not only detect fast burning fires, but also carbon monoxide – and once detected, the Nest Protect device sends an alert to your smartphone, tablet, wherever the mobile app is installed. It also calls out to you and alerts you to where exactly smoke or the gas leak has been detected. 

4. Smart Door Locks

Can’t remember whether you locked the front door on your way out? A very common habit that we all possess, and several times we ought to rush back just to make sure we did. A very simple solution to that problem is Smart Door Locks.

Key locks can be easy to pick, so if you’re looking to one-up your home security we would suggest investing in a Smart Door Lock. These door locks are keyless, making them tamper-proof, and can only be opened with a specific code either typed onto the device keypad or from our smartphones. 

The coolest feature is the automatic lock system, where certain devices use your phone’s location to detect whether you’re within the premises or out so it can lock itself. Some devices have an auto lock feature where after a certain time of the door being closed, the lock automatically locks itself. Convenient isn’t it? You can be cozied up in bed or in the car and check the lock status. Lock it from your mobile device from anywhere, and unlock it remotely for your family and friends too if you can’t get the door yourself. 

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