21 Antique & Vintage Home Decorating Ideas

21 Antique & Vintage Home Decorating Ideas
by John Carlucci - August 1, 2022

Looking for ideas on antique and vintage home decor? From creating furniture out of luggage to repurposing an old workbench as a kitchen island, there is a multitude of ways to make your house into a display for your valued purchases. Check out the following guide for design ideas for building an antique and vintage house!

Select A Color Scheme

Creating a vintage house may be as simple as selecting room furnishings from the same color palette. For an ancient farmhouse look, use a dark leather trunk as a coffee table and a neutral Persian rug to bring together mismatched wooden frames.

Choose A Room Theme

Nothing displays your vintage collections better than designing a themed area. A room dedicated to 1950s tin signs with a quirky chair and jukebox will transport you back in time. Or demonstrate your musical preferences by devoting a whole room to antique albums, band posters, and a phonograph.

Concentrate On One Area First

You do not require large chunks immediately. When decorating with antique and vintage antiques, start small! Choose one room, or simply a single corner, and design around it. It might be as easy as beginning with a beautiful armchair and placing things around it gradually.

Mix & Match Different Antique Finds

Combining old furniture with eccentric antique items is one of the greatest room-decorating ideas. Create a unified effect with a colorful puffy chair and a collection of black-and-white photographs on the wall, or use a collection of vases as a coffee table centerpiece.

Utilize Books As Antique Wall Decor

Have you accumulated a number of old books over the years? Instead of placing them on shelves or coffee tables, use them as wall art! Use nails to attach books on the wall as a statement piece, or create a collage with torn-out pages and frame them with ornate vintage frames.

Exhibit A Credenza

A credenza adds a touch of vintage style to a living room, entrance, or dining area. Utilize it to store fine china, as a television stand, or as a minibar. You may also mix a credenza with a circular antique mirror or milk jug vase to bring contrast and warmth to the streamlined style.

Transform Doors Into A Headboard

Goodbye to trendy tufted headboards and welcome to old, weathered doors! By painting existing doors the same color as your bedroom furniture, you may get a distinct rustic appearance. Add vintage bedroom accessories, such as a blanket storage hutch or an antique chandelier, to tie everything together.

Employ An Antique Bar Cart

A bar cart is a versatile piece of antique décor that adds a sophisticated touch to any area and provides additional storage for trinkets, crystal decanters, and heritage cocktail shakers.

Make Use Of Suitcases As Tables.

Have antique suitcases you're not currently using? Stack them and use them as end tables or nightstands in your living room or bedroom! You can also store more trinkets in them.

Include Several Design Styles

Mid-Century Modern tables and chairs are the ideal way to bring vintage style to minimalist interiors, as their sleek design helps to create clean lines while keeping the space open and uncluttered.

Blend Different Textures

Infuse any space with coziness by combining antique and vintage décor materials. Layer big Persian carpets with neutral fur rugs. Place pillows made of silk on a leather sofa. Or keep crocheted blankets in an antique woven basket under a Mid-Century Modern table.

Add An Armoire To The Living Area.

Instead of placing an antique or vintage armoire in a bedroom to store clothing, exhibit your treasured items in the living room. You can also remove the shelves to create secret storage for your TV or to store additional blankets and pillows.

Go Nuts About Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are an old home decoration need! Not only can they be used to store tiny plants on a windowsill or documents in a home office, but they may also serve as the ideal coffee table for your living room or patio!

Create A Gallery Wall With Vintage Decorations

Local antique shops are brimming with unique black-and-white photographs, ornate frames, vintage mirrors, and ancient company signs, among other items! A gallery wall is a great way to incorporate these colorful pieces into your house.

Utilize Patterns

If you have a few objects that you wish to incorporate into your room's decor, don't be scared to combine patterns! Adding a multicolored rug, colorful cushions, and an Afghan blanket to a neutral sofa or a room with light walls might be complementary.

Bring Outdoors Indoors

Consider utilizing an old workbench as a kitchen island if you like vintage kitchen décor that is both attractive and practical. In addition to providing you with extra counter space for cooking, it will also provide you with additional storage room for goods such as antique bowls and water pitchers.

Choose a Medicine Cabinet

Add apothecary cabinets to your antique living room design to maximize storage space. Place one behind the sofa or as an entrance table in the hallway. You could even place it on a solid desk and use it to hold office supplies in your house.

Obtain Outdated Lockers For A Drop Zone

Create a drop zone with vintage lockers to showcase your antique home décor as soon as your guests enter. This will keep shoes, jackets, and other stuff neatly stowed away and off the floor; also, if you have children, everyone may have a designated spot!

Mismatched Furniture And Decorations

You may personalize your interior design style by combining vintage furnishings and accessories. Mismatched décor may lend character and liveliness to a place while matching decor can provide harmony. One of the simplest locations to experiment with this is on your kitchen or dining table!

Utilizing A Ladder To Create Storage

Not only are ladders useful for reaching high areas, but they also make wonderful antique house décor! Install one beside the shower to hold towels or to create shelves for your tiny antique collections.

Embellish With Sconce Lighting

Rustic wall sconces may offer an instant flair to any area in a vintage home. Install some that resemble candelabras to give your bathroom a refined French flair!

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